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Guwahati: Due to the corona virus outbreak, the world and humanity as a whole are at a tipping point. The panic and paranoia is the new normal. Amidst these trying times many are finding ways to keep themselves positive.

  • Tell me how many of the readers have at least tried to do one of those home-made workout videos after seeing a plethora of people doing it and sharing it on their social media pages. These can range from the usual fitness instructor to, fitness freaks who without their usual gyms are trying out readily available objects at homes to do their workouts. Ranging from gas cylinders to construction blocks (talk about creativity).

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  • Many after getting bored of binge-watching are now taking another deep dive into the digital world and are now experimenting with increasing their knowledge base. Taking up short online courses like knowing more about Artificial Intelligence (IIT Delhi is offering a free online course on Artificial Intelligence through National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning), photojournalism (Ministry of Human Resource Development is offering free courses on photojournalism and interested ones can visit SWAYAM or Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds online tutorial portal by MHRD- etc.
One can also experiment with online classes to increase their skills set during the lockdown
  • Most of us, however, are still too lazy to even do the workout that we promised we would do if we had the time. Vehemently skipping those workout posts and status updates many have found solace in the food channels. Those ASMR-ish and delectable videos have even inspired many to experiment with cooking. Type “corona virus re..” in your Google search panel and you are bound to find “recipes” just below the “reports.” Well if you don’t want to lose those calories why not gain some right.
Lara Lee from Indonesia shares appetizing videos of Indonesian cuisines 
  • Even makeup tutorials are getting a lot of views these days and from the limited knowledge about make-up that I have, it is usually a time taking process. You need to have a completely free time-table on your hands to even start with make-up tutorial videos. And since most people are on lockdown anyway so many of them are trying to follow the instructions given by the YouTube make-up gurus to experiment with a different style or look. Many have even taken the time to post it on their social media platforms as well.

Human beings are born to do something or the other. We might feel that all we want to do is take rest and do nothing but your body after a few hours will get bored of resting as well. Moreover, even science supports the statement of “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop,” and it is also good for your mental health to keep yourself busy one way or the other.

This lockdown is imperative to help curb the infective Covid-19. Since a vaccine against this virus is yet to be discovered, our only best chance of winning against it is physical isolation which includes staying indoors. Hence, with free time on your hands, it’s not too late for any of you to experiment on new things and enhance your skill-set as well.

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