The process and coverage area of such vegetable vans maybe increased if needed

Guwahati: The deputy commissioner of Kamprup metro has identified 66 points for selling vegetables by mobile vans in Guwahati.

This comes after Assam government on Friday announced its decision to shut down all markets except grocery stores and pharmacies.

Speaking with EastMojo, Biswajit Pegu, DC, Kamrup (M) said Guwahati has 31 wards, and at least 2 mobile vegetable vans will be in each ward.

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He added that the mobile vans will be functioning at different locations in the designated wards on an alternative basis. Also, social distancing will be strictly followed.

Directive issued by Chief Secretary

Further, CS has announced gratuitous relief material for 7 days to daily wage workers like rickshaw pullers, labourers etc. who have been stranded in urban areas. The DCs are to issue the material.

The press release state the production of bread, biscuit, packaged water, rice mill, chirra (flatten rice) mill, flour mills will continue with minimum workers while maintaining social distancing.

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