Guwahati banker Dhiraj Kr Das is currently posted in Kolkata. He stole a moment to take a picture of himself in an empty bus during the nationwide lockdown over coronavirus pandemic Credit: EastMojo image

Guwahati: The entire world is facing a threat to the existence of human life. With the pandemic coronavirus on the loose, people are confining themselves to the safety of their homes. However, a section of people are still working on ground zero — meeting new people, going out every day to do their jobs. These are those people, without whose contribution, the nation as a whole would be crippled even further.

Dhiraj Kr Das is stationed in Kolkata. As a manager of Andhra Bank, he has to walk 10 km in order to reach office

Meet Dhiraj Kr Das, a resident of Guwahati currently stationed in Kolkata as the manager of Andhra Bank. As all private and public sector banks in the country will remain open during the 21-day lockdown, as announced by PM Narendra Modi, Das continues to go to work every day walking a total of 10 km.

Although termed as heroes on social media, all is not well for Das. The banker has to dodge disapproving gaze of the people he passes by on his way to work suspecting him to be a violator of the lockdown or infected by the fatal virus.

“People actually sneer and stare at me with a look of disdain as I walk to my office,” said Das, adding, “It’s not that I am doing this just because I want to, it is because it’s my job and the mandate was given to us by Modi himself.”

However, Das does not blame them as “they might not know that I am a manager and that I have to go to the bank,” and who can either. In such a tumultuous time where a simple sneeze or cough is not responded by a “bless you” but rather an angry or horrified sneer; seeing a man walk on empty and deserted streets every day is bound to garner some unwanted attention.

“I feel alienated in my own country for following the orders of the country, how ironical is it?” asked Das.

Even though banks are open for a limited period of time, people still come almost every day either to withdraw or deposit money (rest all the functions are closed like opening new accounts or getting a loan, etc).

“Yes, it is scary to meet new people every day. Who knows one of them can be a carrier or, worse, an already infected host,” said Das, upon being asked about the major concerns. Continuous sanitization and washing of hands is something that Das regularly follows. “I wash my clothes every day after I reach my place,” he added.

While he is stationed in Kolkata, the banker fears for his family members who are in Guwahati

However, what Das fears the most is the security and safety of his family. “My wife along with my two children are back in Guwahati. So, God forbid, if anything happens to them or to me, I have no clue as to how I would be able to manage,” said Das.

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