A picture of Dr Osama Riaz from his graduation ceremony Credit: Facebook

New Delhi: A young physician now deemed as a hero, Dr Osama Riaz of Pakistan, succumbed to COVID-19 on Sunday, March 22 while serving humanity. He contracted the deadly virus while handling suspected COVID-19 patients returning to Gilgit-Baltistan from overseas and other parts of the country. However, Riaz did not quit serving people while lying on the hospital bed.

Lok Sabha member from Krishnanagar, West Bengal, Mahua Moitra on Tuesday took to Twitter to share a video of the doctor during his final moments.

While sharing the video the MP wrote, “Warrior is a one who dies on the battlefield. Dr Usama Riaz, contracted virus while treating patients, emphasizes severity of this virus. He bravely fought against corona & left a message for all of us.”

Meanwhile, Riaz expressed nothing but concern for the people. In the video, he is seen saying, “I am feeling better now that is why I asked to greet all of you. I urge everyone not to take the virus lightly. I am feeling a thousand time better today. It is a troublesome virus. You should not be concerned about food and take the virus seriously for the sake of your family, your community and people living around you. For God’s sake take care of them. If you are suffering any kind of symptoms, then confine yourself to your home or consult a doctor and do as you are said. Don’t take it as a joke because people have made it a joke in platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and others. They think maybe it is a joke but it is not.”

He also went on to say that we should be merciful as there are many who do not have access to facilities like he had and could.

As per reports, Riaz was part of a 10-member team of the doctors tasked with screening patients returning from other areas, particularly pilgrims arriving from Iran. He also played a key role in provided his services to suspected patients in isolation centres in Gilgit.

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