Always maintain a good amount of sanitization in common places of shared living 

Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day country wide lockdown on Tuesday, making physical isolation a prime mandate for many and also one of the first steps that can help break the chain of the deadly COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic.

However, the message of physical isolation often conflicts with the situations where we live in shared spaces or with a family. How can one partner isolate from the other? How can we isolate with kids in the house? How can we isolate if we live with roommates?

  • Using disposable wipes, hand sanitizers, wearing masks and using separate utensils can be a good start. Also, the common room, kitchens, bathrooms are some of the zones with the high potentiality of contamination with common items. Hence maintaining a good amount of sanitization while handling those objects can also amount to the reduction of contamination.
Cleaning and sanitising the common areas of a shared space is a much required necessity
  • Taking special care for dealing with visitors is another important aspect. However, since it’s the lockdown, so the probability of visitors is relatively low.
  • Now, keep in mind that human beings do not thrive on loneliness, especially when there are people around you and yet the isolation. So, finding a common time or activity (can be as simple as having dinner together) can help in the reduction of a lot of mental stress. Whilst during these activities, discussing the importance of sanitization can also be a good way to educate everyone without sounding too authoritative.
  • Now, what to do if you are in a family with kids involved? It is already difficult being indoors alone let alone with kids around. Now, it is easy to say that we have been living together so we are good in this front. But while living together the children would be in schools, one parent would be out working or both. Hence, the meeting time of the family together is usually less. However, while in lock down and quarantined you are with each other 24×7.
The internet is filled with kid-friendly podcasts, museum tours, and educational videos which can help the children to pass their time
  • Hence, it is quite easy to get either irritated or bored with the ones around you. The way out is simple, try to carve out a private place in the same home. This can easily work by maintaining a time-table. Or diving a bit into the digital world with the whole family. The internet is filled with kid-friendly podcasts, museum tours, and educational videos. Even bringing out that creative juices of the kids by engaging them in some craft work is also a good way to utilize their time. Hosting a movie night at a specified time every night is also another example. Although the key is that all the members of the family are still maintaining the required level of sanitization.
  • When there are no kids involved, the method remains the same. However, since it is just the two of you taking the time to listen to each other helps a lot. If you are a recent “live-in” partner then respecting each other’s personal space is a necessity as well. Other than that, come up with a perfect game plan to spend some quality time together.

The pandemic coronavirus is a serious threat to human life and the sad reality is that even though there are some vaccine candidates, it may not be ready for another 12 months. It may take over a year to discover the right vaccine, stated Tedros Adhanom, director-general of WHO.

Hence, the only ways to slow down the pandemic are physical isolation and quarantine and following some basic steps to ensure sanitization and staying at home.

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