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Guwahati: In the already tumultuous world, the day has come where a simple sneeze is not received with a “bless you” but rather a terrified or angry sneer by the ones around you. And they are not wrong to a point.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of normalcy seems to be a confusing one. The time when the nation urges to follow social distancing and self-isolation, Homo sapiens being a social animal is finding it rather difficult to do so.

Well, we all hate being cooped up and in these times we also have no choice in this matter. However, there’s a lot that can be done during these days to get yourself not only caught up but even ahead of life’s responsibilities while having plenty of fun as well. Here are five ways that you can do so:

Get clean and organised

Cleaning your place also allows virus sanitisation and helps getting your things organised

Ever glanced and really looked into your bat cave? Well, you should. See that old piled up dirty clothes in the corner of the messy table with books literally strewn across, then get up and start cleaning. And it ain’t no fun but it is necessary. The excuse of no time to clean will now not work and you can get a chance to tidy up your place. So a win-win situation.



Re-watch old series or catch up on new ones that are available on OTT platforms

Now comes the fun part, after you are done with getting your abode squeaky clean. This is the perfect opportunity to binge-watch all the nostalgic episodes of Friends and still debate on whether Ross’s “We were on a break” still counts. Or know how a teenage witch with her normal high school life, balances her witch’s life and witch’s academy as well as being the literal Queen of Hell and you are not even able to complete a single story. (yes, that was a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reference).

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Update your literature


Reading books can help in enriching your vocabulary as well as helps to kill time

Now while organising your table did you come across a book or novel that you have always been planning to read but never had the chance to do so? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get that piece of literature and start reading. Pull out your favourite playlist in your Spotify account and dive deep into those pages.

Enrich your creativity


DIY some craft work to get those creative juices flowing

Love cooking, writing, photography or crafting? Well, this is the best time to get those Picasso juices flowing. Due to your usually packed schedule investing your time in these works are never done. So type DIY homemade stuff in your YouTube search panel and get going. Or it can also be different dishes you can experiment on or even search for some creative ways to get a head-turning worthy picture right in your room.

Check-in with people close to you (virtually)


Facetime your friends and family like you are in middle school again

When was the last time that you have called and have had a really nice chat with your school buddies? Moreover, in these times of seclusion and panic, a call to your near and dear ones is even obligatory in your part. Facetime your friends and family like you are in middle school again.

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