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Guwahati: At a time when the entire nation took to their doorsteps and balconies of their homes as soon as the clock struck 5 on Sunday evening to pay their respect to the front line fighters, some of these fighters have been subjected to discrimination.

On Tuesday, March 24, journalist Tarun Shukla took to Twitter to share a series of videos of IndiGo crew member Amrita. She is heard saying that her mother is being harassed by the members of her locality as they claim that she is infected with Coronavirus and her mother might infect other people.

Screenshot of the post shared by the journalist where the IndiGo crew member speaks about how her mother is being harassed

In one of the videos, Amrita is heard saying, “People are spreading rumours in my locality that I am suffering from corona. Secondly, when I am not at home they are coming and harassing my mother. She cannot go to the market to buy groceries as people are refusing her saying that your daughter might have corona and you may also have it spreading it to others as well.”

In another video shared by the journalist, the IndiGo crew member is seen throwing light on the precautionary measures taking by the airline crew members. She goes on to request that people should refrain from discrimination and spreading rumours.

“Since the rest of my crew members are also facing the same problem being a part of the service industry, we are being harassed for doing our duty. We are taking more precautions in spite of being around people who may or may not be infected. We know what to do. If I am infected, I will go to the hospital first rather than doing my job because my body will not allow me to work. So it a request, do not spread rumours of me having Corona. I do not have Corona,” Amrita is heard saying.

Rajya Sabha member from Kolkata Derek O’Brien and Kolkata police commissioner Anuj Sharma wasted no time in reverting and assured that legal action against the discriminators will be taken.

“We will take legal action against persons discriminating against such heroes who fight for us! I have asked for a report in the matter & action will be taken if any police personnel is found wanting,” reads a post shared by Sharma on Twitter.

Post shared by Anuj Sharma, commissioner of police, Kolkata in response to the video of the IndiGo crew member

However, Amrita’s was not the first incident of discrimination and harassment faced by airlines crew members. On Sunday, a video of another girl claiming to be an Air India flight attendant had gone viral on various social media platforms. The flight attendant alleges that many crew members who had returned from international flights were subjected to discrimination by housing society members.

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