PIB also debunked the popular claim that clapping destroys coronavirus Credit: Twitter

Guwahati: A popular WhatsApp forward is doing the rounds claiming that clapping by 130 crore people at once on Sunday during the Janata Curfew at 5 pm will create a lot of vibration which will, in turn, destroy coronavirus infection This is totally fake and not supported by any scientific research.

The message, which is primarily viral on WhatsApp, began after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s televised address on coronavirus pandemic on Thursday where he called for a ‘Janta Curfew’ on Sunday and asked people to stay home from 7 am to 9 pm. He also appealed the people to express gratitude to the ones providing essential services like medical professionals, media persons, delivery executives etc. by clapping for them for five minutes at 5 pm.

While the gesture seemed pretty simple, it turned into a hotbed of fake news claiming that the virus loses its vitality due to the vibrations created when 130 crore clap at once. PIB also debunked this popular claim saying that the Janta Curfew clapping initiative at 5 pm is to express gratitude towards the Emergency staff working selflessly to counter coronavirus in India.

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Not just this, there are several other fake and unscientific claims doing rounds on WhatsApp. It is requested to all to rely only on verified news from reliable sources. Stay safe.

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