Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi speaks for 29 minutes on fight against COVID-19

PM Modi: India has to win its fight against COVID-19

PM Modi: Let us save oursleves and the country from this pandemic

PM Modi: Everybody is contributing in fighting this global pandemic

PM Modi: Safeguarding oursleves from Coronavirus should be our priority

PM Modi: Provisions of essential and other commodities would continue to be available

PM Modi: Avoid panic buying

PM Modi: Request business community to behave considerately with the workforce. Request them not to opt for pay cuts incase someone is unable to attend work

PM Modi: COVID-19 economic task force will be set up to address economic problems faced due to COVID-19

PM Modi: If you have any surgery scheduled which is not immediately required, I request you to postpone it by a month

PM Modi: Avoid going to hospital for routine check up

PM Modi: Siren will be blow at 5pm, Sunday, March 22 to express our gratitude

PM Modi: On March 22, at 5 pm, we can stand outside for 5 minutes and applaud these people for their services

PM Modi: India expresses gratitude to each one of these people

PM Modi: These people are like ‘rashtra rakshak’, standing as a shield for us

PM Modi: Since last two months millions of people like doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, media people, home delivery people, police men, cleaning staff has been working tirelessly without thinking about themselves

PM Modi: Janata curfew will be like a test for us Indians about how prepared are we to fight Coronavirus

PM Modi: Request all state govts to ensure proper implementation of janata curfew

PM Modi: Except for all those in essential services I request everyone to follow janata curfew on March 22

PM Modi: Request all the implement janata curfew on March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm

PM Modi: Request my countrymen to extend support for Janata curfew

PM Modi: Senior citizens should not step out of homes in the coming weeks

PM Modi: I request all citizens that in the coming weeks, move out of your homes only when if it necessary

PM Modi: Social distancing is important and and will go a long way in helping us stay safe from COVID-19

PM Modi: We will have to exercise restraint

PM Modi: When there is no medicine for the virus, it’s important to stay healthy

PM Modi: We will resolved that we will safeguard ourselves and others from getting infected

PM Modi: Every Indian will have to pledge to follow every directive issued by govts

PM Modi: We need two things to fight COVID-19- Resolve and Restraint

PM Modi: To assume that COVID-19 won’t impact India is wrong, when developed nations have been impacted

PM Modi: Govt is keeping a close watch

WATCH : PM Modi addressing the nation on COVID-19

PM Modi: No medicine for COVID-19 yet

PM Modi: Every Indian must stay alert

PM Modi: I need the next few weeks of yours

PM Modi: I am going to ask for something from you all

PM Modi: Complacency about the global pandemic not good

PM Modi: we have been watching, hearing all the news about Coronavirus for the past two months

PM Modi: The number of countries affected by Coronavirus are more than those affected during WWI and WWII

PM Modi: This time the crisis has engulfed the whole world

PM Modi begins address

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PM to meet CMs, health ministers tomorrow

PM to address nation on govt’s COVID-19 combat plan

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