Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb took everyone by surprise after he started to walk back home, which is about 5 km from his office in Agartala, on Tuesday night Credit: EastMojo image

Agartala: Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Tuesday night took everyone by surprise, albeit pleasantly, when he decided to ditch his official vehicle and walk the 5-km distance from the civil secretariat to his residence after finishing work.

His ‘healthy’ gesture was lauded by everyone, so much so that some youths who spotted him walking also joined him in his fitness initiative.

It was a normal evening and everything was going on as usual. After working at the civil secretariat till late in the night, Deb came down from his office to the area where his convoy was waiting for him. He, however, refused to sit in the car, taking everyone by surprise.

According to a senior official, Deb informed his guards that he will walk back to his residence, following which the security arrangement was made for him to cover the 5-km distance on foot.

When some youths saw him, they too joined him in his walk back home. A Twitter user, Sourav Bhattacharya, uploaded a video of the walk with the message: “CM of @BjpBiplab decided to go back to his residence by walk after finishing work late night. In the 5.8 KM long walk youths have also joined him & showed their support towards @FitIndiaOff!”

Later, speaking with reporters, Deb said that he was taking the leisurely walk back home as he does not get much time to exercise. Deb, however, urged everyone to keep themselves fit and make India a healthy and fit nation.

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The CM is known for his acts of simplicity and humility. Earlier, In February, a picture of him travelling in an IndiGo flight from Indore to Delhi did the rounds of Internet. Netizens and the youth of the state shared the picture tweeted by one of his co-passengers.

Deb and his wife were seated in the 18th row of the economy class along with other fellow passengers when a co-passenger spotted them and confirmed that it was the Tripura chief minister himself travelling in the flight.

Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb was traveling in an IndiGo flight from Indore to New Delhi in February when a co-passenger spotted him sitting in the economy class

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