Agartala: After the state government’s decision to shut down all educational institutions, the Tripura High Court (HC) in a notification on Tuesday said that it will hear only urgent matters till April 5 amid the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 7,000 lives around the world so far.

The chief justice in consultation with the Judge of the High Court decided to hear only urgent matters across the district courts in the state including the family courts and tribunals functioning under the supervision of the high court under Article 227 of the Constitution of India.

“In order to prevent further spread of coronavirus, the high court, all district courts in the state including the family courts and tribunals, functioning under the supervision of the High Court under Article 227 of the Constitution of India, effective from March 17, 2020 up to April 5, 2020 would be taking up only urgent cases,” the notification informed.

As far as district courts are concerned, the nature of urgency would be judged by the judicial officer-in-charge of the case concerned.

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It has also been informed that all learned advocates, their clients and the court staff would be advised not to attend the court if he/she is suffering from fever, cough and cold or is experiencing respiratory discomfort.

Efforts will be made to post medical/para-medical staff at the entrance of the high court premises where they may be subjected to medical examination as may be found necessary by the medical staff present there.

The medical/para-medical staff present would have full authority to refuse permission to any person who according to them may be at potential risk. At the district courts and family courts, similar arrangements may be made by the district judges by approaching the chief medical officer of the district, the notification said.

However, till April 5, if the Judges after completing the day’s work relieve the support staff, they may leave the office earlier than the schedule time. Likewise in the registry too, if the work is over, its members may leave office earlier with the permission of the registrar concerned. A similar arrangement has also been made by the district judge in each district at his discretion looking to the needs of the district, the notification added.

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