Members of the Nagaland GB Federation holding placards during the rally held in Kohima on Monday

Kohima: Following a state-wide peace rally on Naga political solution, the Nagaland Gaon Burah (GB) Federation (NGBF) on Monday submitted a memorandum to Prime minister Narendra Modi through interlocutor for Naga peace talks and Nagaland governor RN Ravi. The memorandum urged the Centre to maintain transparency of the negotiations on the ongoing peace talks, further demanding its early settlement.

As per the directive of NGBF, the Kohima district Gaon Bura (GB) Federation organised a peace rally at the state’s capital which was attended by hundreds of citizens including students and tribal leaders. Beginning with a prayer by Kedilezo Keditsu, Head GB of Zhadima village, a short ceremony was held outside the indoor stadium after which the gathering marched towards Raj Bhavan and submitted the memorandum. The memorandum was also read aloud by NGBF general secretary Shikuto Zalipu in the presence of the gathering.

The Kohima district GBs holding banners that read ‘GOI, How long? How long? Do not test our patience’ during a peace rally in Kohima on Monday

The memorandum said that the Gaon Burahs (village chiefs), as custodians of Naga culture and customary laws and traditions, observed that post the three months deadline notified by the Centre which ended on October 31 last year, “there is no reason to account for the delay in concluding the ongoing phase of Naga peace talks”.

While all unresolved matters are to be pursued through the democratic political processes under the new regime envisaged for Naga areas, it suggested the Centre to “streamline and finalise” all resolved matters and to conclude the agreement.

Students holding placards as they participate in a rally held in Kohima on Monday

Further hinting on maintaining transparency, it urged the Centre to “announce” to the Nagas and the world about the “agreed and negotiated” content that is on record as on October 31 last year. It also urged for the early signing of the Indo-Naga political agreement that is acceptable and honourable to the Nagas and that the GB federation be informed of the date of signing the agreement.

Students and tribal leaders joining the rally organised by the Kohima District GB Federation

Meanwhile, addressing the rally ahead of the march, Theja Therieh, president of Chakesang Hoho Kohima, said that Naga people are “trust deficit”. Therieh said that as all Nagas commonly desire for an early solution, one must not be afraid to come out of their homes to prove it.

Kohima District GB Federation president Vineipra Pienyu shared about how the Naga struggle transitioned from wanting Naga independence to seeking Naga solution. Saying that Nagas are one, he questioned as to why the solution which the Centre promised within three months time has been dragging on for months with no sight of a solution. He said that the GBs have felt the need for Nagas to act in order to warn the Centre about the need to resolve the long-pending issue, which is why the rally was held as a reminder for the Centre.

Various tribal leaders also shared their concern about the delay of the Naga solution and urged for the early solution which all Nagas had been waiting.

Gaon Burahs as village chiefs are custodians of the Naga customary laws and procedures

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