A protest rally against the Delhi violence called by the CPI-M state committee in Agartala on Wednesday

Agartala: The recent clash which turned communal in national capital Delhi has brought shame to India, alleged CPI-M state secretary on Wednesday.

Addressing a public rally at Paradise Chowmuhani protesting against the recent violence that took place in Delhi, Das alleged that the clash was re-planned by the RSS-BJP supporters. The BJP government has been trying to divide people over religion, he added.

“The BJP having the majority in their hands had passed the CAA in Parliament. The Constitution gave everyone equal rights as per Article 14 and that no discrimination can be done on the basis of caste, creed and religion,” Das said.

He also said that in December last year, Parliament passed the CAA which was opposed by many political parties. The Act can be passed against the Constitution, but they passed it forcefully with an intention to implement the NPR followed by NRC.

“The Delhi police are controlled by Union minister Amit Shah and they (police) have been used by them to fulfill their propaganda. The students were attacked by the police inside the library of Jamia Millia Islamia University and the government remained silent,” Das said.

He also alleged that the BJP could not digest the defeat in Delhi assembly elections and therefore they have let this violence happen in the national capital.

“The 2002 Gujarat riots occurred due to Narendra Modi who was the then Gujarat Chief Minister and Amit Shah who was holding the Home portfolio. An attack on people was carried out and the female was also not spared. The same thing is now happening in national capital Delhi,” Das added.

“They (BJP) are trying to convert the country into a Hindu Rashtra and this why they are implementing CAA, NRC and NPR. The police had received many calls when the violence took over in Delhi but they did not respond or neither takes any necessary steps. This cannot continue in a country like India.

He also said that the party would start raising funds from across the state to help those who suffered a loss of property and life.

“We will collect funds from shops and houses across the state and after collecting the funds would be handed over for the victims of the Delhi violence,” Das said.

The CPI-M has also demanded that all the FIRs have to be accepted by the police and a judicial inquiry must be conducted by a judge of the Supreme Court of India over the incident.

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