The SPAC report was tabled in the Assam Legislative Assembly on the first day of the Budget Session on Monday

Guwahati: The State Police Accountability Commission (SPAC), Assam has pulled up the state for not implementing the recommendation suggested in its annual reports for enhancing police accountability in Assam.

SPAC’s annual report 2018 tabled at Assam Legislative Assembly on the first day of the Budget Session on Monday, said, “In many of the police stations/ outposts, CCTV cameras are either not installed or if installed those are out of order, which comes in the way of proper disposal of the complaints by the commission.”

The commission suggested that CCTV cameras be installed/ made operational in all police stations/outposts/patrol posts to prevent misconduct by police.

The report also highlighted that time to time since its inception, the commission has suggested Assam government to form District Police Accountability Authority (DPAA) in different districts of the state including BTR, and autonomous council districts, but the suggestion are yet to be accepted. “An early action on the suggestion will be highly beneficial to the public as well as police.”

SPAC noted that most complaints received by it are on the irregularities committed during arrest of any accused by police. It recommended that the guidelines issued by the “Supreme Court of India in its judgment in the case of DK Basu Vs State of West Bengal, reported in (1997) 1, SCC 416 and subsequent amendment of Section 41 of CrPC to be strictly adhere to while making arrest.”

It also suggested making provisions for complaint box in each sub-division and district headquarters in Assam, and a designated PRO in each police station.

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