Dr Jego Ori (right) with the young passenger that he helped on board a SpiceJet flight from New Delhi to Guwahati on Friday Credit: EastMojo image

Itanagar: Dr Jego Ori, a doctor from Arunachal Pradesh, is being hailed as a hero for saving a fellow passenger’s life on a Guwahati-bound flight.

The incident dates back to Friday when Dr Ori was on a SpiceJet flight to Guwahati from New Delhi when he stepped in to help a kid who suffered a life-threatening panic attack.

As per reports, the flight experienced turbulence following bad weather a few moments after take-off and suddenly there was an announcement from the flight attendant to check if there was a doctor present in the flight.

Without second thoughts, Dr Ori reached out to the front row where a kid had suddenly started to face breathlessness due to a panic attack.

The kid was travelling to Guwahati with his family from Noida, Uttar Pradesh to visit his relatives.

The panicked mother of the kid informed Dr Ori that he was a patient of a cardiac ailment since childhood and the panic attack which was causing breathlessness could have been due to the turbulence.

Accordingly, Dr Ori examined the kid whose pulse had become feeble and was having severe breathing issues. With the help of the flight attendant, oxygen was given to the kid and he was asked to be kept in a forward position by Dr Ori.

The kid, who recovered after a while, requested Dr Ori to sit alongside him to which the latter acknowledged and the two sat together for the entire flight.

The SpiceJet authority and the family members of the kid have thanked Dr Ori for his services.

Talking to EastMojo, Dr Ori said: “This was for the first time I provided service to a distressed individual or family in the sky. But again, saving lives is a doctor’s instinct.”

It is worth mentioning that Dr Ori, who is an ENT surgeon at the Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences in Naharlagun, was awarded the prestigious ‘Tamrapatra’ by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for his humanitarian services during the association’s recent meeting in Madhya Pradesh.

He is also the state branch honorary secretary of IMA.

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