Nagas have been struggling to free themselves from the forceful occupation of India for more than 70 years, says Naga Hoho

Kohima: The Naga Hoho, the apex tribal body of Nagas in Nagaland, voiced out loud and clear that the “Naga people will not accept any agreement that would further divide the Nagas”, claiming that any solution confined to a particular state/area will only mark the beginning of a “new chapter of chaos in the Naga society”.

Recalling how the Naga political movement began with the commitment to live together as independent nation, the Naga Hoho, through a press statement on Thursday said that Nagas have been “struggling to free themselves from the forceful occupation of India for more than 70 years”.

It expressed disappointment that “many tall Naga leaders have fallen prey to the interest of India rather than in the interests of the Naga people” and are confusing the general populace.

Urging the need to penetrate on the contentious issue of Pan Naga Hoho (PNH), the tribal body said that the Pan Naga Hoho should be “well defined organs for development of Naga areas and to work for Naga integration” and not merely a cultural body.

Criticising some organizations and political parties of expressing doubts and apprehension on the PNH, it said “the Naga people will not accept any agreement that would further divide the Nagas. Any solution confined to aparticular state / area will be nothing but rather the beginning of another new chapter of chaos in the Naga society. The agreement must ensure that the Naga people are brought together under befitting political arrangement that would ensure the dignity and identity as a people”.

Saying that Nagas at this critical juncture must acknowledge the necessity of safeguarding the rich common heritage, it said that the tears and blood of the ancestors cannot be reduced to “piecemeal solutions that limit to a particular region”.

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“Therefore, the platform which integrates the Nagas from all the regions will definitely strengthen the Nagas all the more than than weakening or overpowering certain regions by others. It is of the view that collective wisdom which evolves from the Pan Naga Hoho will serve the Nagas’ interests and aspirations in much broader ways and stronger terms,” the statement read.

It maintained that the collective expression made by Naga leaders and public of the past for a “united Nagaland” remains “irrevocable, irreversible and indelible”. It suggested that an inclusive and robust structure in the form of Pan Naga Hoho will give Nagas immense strength to address various issues in the larger interest of all sections of Naga family.

“Nagas having such a Pan Naga platform will definitely be liberating, empowering, ensuring the freedom and development of all sections of Nagas,” it added.

It urged the young Nagas to build a “strong and grand Naga alliance harnessing the opportunity that is at hand” without being swayed away by emotions.

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