The squat machine installed at Anand Vihar railway station in Delhi

New Delhi: In a bid to promote the fitness culture among people, Indian Railways has installed a squat machine at the Anand Vihar station in Delhi — do 30 squats in 180 seconds in front of the machine and get a free platform ticket generated.

Union railway minister Piyush Goyal took to Twitter and hailed the initiative. He wrote: “Exercise & Get Free Platform Ticket: Indian Railways has embarked on a novel initiative to encourage fitness at Anand Vihar Railway Station in Delhi. Platform tickets will be given free of charge to those who exercise using the ‘Squat Kiosk’ installed.”

According to the reports, the machine is inspired by similar machines installed in Moscow. Ahead of winter Olympics in Sochi in 2013, such machines were installed at Vystavochaya station of Moscow subway system.

As part of the heath initiative, the Railways has also opened a “Dawa Dost” store at the station, a generic medicine store for passengers.

The Railways has also installed a Robocura massage chair, the most advanced body massage chair that has 3D massage rollers, along with a longer massage track line giving maximum massage coverage, the statement said.

To promote healthy eating, the railways has also created a “Eat Right Station Certification”, the main objective of which is to help passengers make healthy food choices.

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