Block Development Officer (BDO) of Aibawk, Remlalliana Hnamte (on left)  Credit: EastMojo image

Aizawl: A total amount of Rs 15 crore has been sanctioned for the tribal areas under Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission (SPMRM) on its fourth anniversary in Mizoram.

The mission aims at the development of 300 rural growth clusters called “Rurban Clusters” which have the potential for growth in all states and Union Territories, and would trigger overall development in the region.

Mizoram has four cluster blocks/villages: Aibawk, Thingsulthliah, East Lungdar and Khawzawl Rurban Clusters and among these Aibak Rurban Cluster is the pilot project with immense success stories.

Speaking to EastMojo, Remlalliana Hnamte, Block Development Officer (BDO) of Aibawk said, “The SPMRM scheme has been a big blessing for the people of our block, many people have benefited from it. The village structures and amenities have developed and has augmented the livelihood prospects of the people of these area.”

Hnamte added that this project has reduced the migration of villagers to cities as it has provided a lot of employment facilities to the people.

“We are very happy that this scheme has been implemented in our block as the infrastructure and amenities support citizens to earn from their own hard work,” he said.

Covering of side drains had been done at 11 villages, and pedestal footpaths have been taken up at eight villages. Village internal roads have also been built at 11 villages within the Aibawk Rurban Cluster.

Cluster Piggery has been successfully implemented at Melriat and Muallungthu with six beneficiaries. Under SPMRM, the beneficiaries are given 50% fund. Lalhmangaihi of Melriat village said, “We are very excited about this scheme. The pig den and water supply are provided to us. Our pigs are around 48 inches are we hope that we will soon produce a lot of piglets in the near future.”

The on-going dairy farming at Samsuih village has 5 beneficiaries who are given two cows each for free. Lalthakungi of Sumsuih village talked about her success under SPMRM, “We are very happy as we have started producing milk from our cows and have sold Rs 1000 worth of cow-dung. We have also artificially inseminated a cow.”

The cluster poultry at Sateek and Aibawk villages have six beneficiaries and are provided housing and electricity funds. A resident of Sateek, R Vanlalhruaia said, ” We have made money from it but our main complain is that, it is hard to compete with poultry coming from neighbouring states that comes at a much lower price. We ask the government to control the market so that we can compete and make a successful business out of poultry farming.”

Cycling track has been completed at Sateek and another plan to set up ‘Orchid Centre’ at Maubuang village which will be taken up by Mizoram Technocrat.

Revamping of historical sites will soon be taken up. Training of bonsai technique of the state tree Herhse will be started in 11 villages.

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