Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said all the school managing committees have been advised to delete the name ‘maktab’ from their name

Guwahati: State education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced during a press conference in Janata Bhawan on Saturday that the state government has passed an order for ‘maktab’ schools to drop the word ‘maktab’ from their names.

The education minister informed that there are 63 such identified schools across the state which has ‘maktab’ in their names, however, they impart education like regular LP schools and not the ‘maktabi’ education system.

Earlier, these schools used to follow maktab, which is an old fashioned method of education in Muslim majority countries. The curriculum for these schools included Islam and Koranic Arabic; however, as on date, no maktabi education is given.

He said that all the school managing committees have been advised to delete the name maktab from their name. “An order has been issued and I think in seven days’ time, all the schools will delete the name maktab from their title,” he added.

Explaining the reason for doing so, the education minister said that the students from those schools we facing problems while trying to pursue higher education. They were turned down on the grounds that they cannot study in general schools after having undertaken religious education for several years.

Further, Sarma announced that the state has allocated a total budget of Rs 710 crore for Assam Darshan, an initiative announced in Budget 2019-20, which aims to develop and publicise places of tourist interest as well as those with religious or historical importance.

Under the first segment of Assam Darshan, the state will grant annual gratuity to devalayas amounting to Rs 2 lakh each for infrastructure development and maintenance. Also, a one-time grant of up to Rs 1 lakh will be given to the religious place for setting up CCTV cameras. A total of Rs 4.1 crore will be used for the same.

Further, 915 identified religious places will be given Rs 10 lakh each for strengthening and improvising infrastructure in and around these sites. A total of Rs 91.5 crore of the total budget of Assam Darshan scheme has been earmarked for it.

Also, Assam Darshan will work on improving road connectivity to these places. The government has decided to improve the condition of road linkages to these religious places of interest. The public works department will spearhead the initiative for which Rs 615 crore of the scheme budget will be used.

Lastly, the minister announced that the state tourism department will improve 316 picnic spots/ tourism spots with basic facilities like toilets and restrooms.

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