Meghalaya’s Pynthymme Pale, 20, with his electric guitar carved from wood

Shillong: Meghalaya youth Pynthymme Pale always aspired to be a rock star. At the age of 15 years, the resident of Mukhla village in West Jaintia Hills started making key chains that he carved from wood in the shape of a guitar. The finished product turned out to be so good that his friends even purchased them from him for anything between Rs 50 and Rs 200.

Fast forward to 2020. Encouraged by his friends, Pale (20) has today managed to make an actual electric guitar hand-carved from wood. His unique talent drew the attention of many, including CM Conrad K Sangma who recently tweeted about him.

“Came across this story of Pynthymme Pale, a 19yr old boy from #Meghalaya who made his own electric guitar since his family is poor and could not afford to get him one. I have instructed my team to reach out to him. Such talent must be recognized,” he tweeted.

Recalling his school days, Pale told EastMojo, “When I was in Class VI, I used to draw a guitar in the shape of a bird, and told my friends that one day I will make one. My friends would laugh at me thinking that it’s just a child’s dream.”

Always believing in himself and having a feeling of wanting something real bad, Pale made his first attempt at making an electric guitar.

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“The first attempt to make a guitar wasn’t a successful one. I had made it in the shape of a Gibson Les Paul guitar. I broke the neck and burnt it because it did not come out well,” said Pale.

Although that did not stop him, Pale made another attempt but with less faith in himself.

“So I again made an attempt, and this time no one trusted me. I didn’t trust myself anymore the second time, so I took the help of YouTube videos. I realised that most videos out there did not give me a detailed or step-by-step method on how to make a guitar. However, just a little idea from videos on YouTube, I was successful in making my second guitar and that was the happiest day of my life,” said Pale.

When asked how he felt that the CM has recognised his work, he said with a feeling of joy and satisfaction: “It makes me very happy that the chief minister has recognised my work. Although I have never met him in person, it makes me feel very happy because that was what I wanted. I never dreamt of becoming rich and only successful but to become famous. Because once you’re famous, you will get everything.”

Taking a week’s time to make a guitar, and costing a total of Rs 8,000, Pale so far has been able to sell only one guitar since he started off in 2015.

Pale said that the biggest challenge was not having enough money to make more guitars and put it out there in the market. He also does not own a smartphone to be able to watch videos on YouTube and get more ideas to make his guitars better.

Pynthymme Pale with his instruments

“The difference between my guitar and the ones in the market is that this is customised. My guitar is in the shape of a bird and the neck is scalloped. The neck of a guitar is the most important part because that is where the sound comes from. So with this customised scalloped neck, the notes played on the guitar is clearer,” said Pale.

Pale’s enthusiasm to become a rock star does not just end there. He is also part of a band which has members from his family as part of the band. Pale aims to be able to make more guitars and play them in his own band.

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