A section of the crowd during the 2019 night carnival in Kohima, which coincided with the annual Hornbill festival

Kohima: In a first of its kind, Nagaland capital Kohima is all set to witness a monthly night carnival, beginning from February 22-27. An initiative of the Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), the monthly night bazaar aims to promote local economy in the state’s capital.

Speaking with EastMojo, Kekhrienuo Meyase, general secretary of KCCI, said that following the success of the annual 10-day night carnival which coincides with the Hornbill Festival, the monthly night carnival was proposed with the aim to boost local economy by providing a platform for local entrepreneurs to do sustainable business.

Highlighting about how most local entrepreneurs are managing without permanent business establishments which in turn generate lesser revenue, Meyase said that the monthly night bazaar will enable these entrepreneurs to grow in their businesses by equipping them with marketing and business skills through a do-and-learn method.

With excitement, Meyase said that besides promoting local entrepreneurs, local artists will also be given a platform to exhibit their talents and generate revenue. While business establishments in the capital begin to shut down by 4-5 pm making the nights longer, Meyase said that this monthly night bazaar will also provide recreational experiences for families.

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Besides promoting local entrepreneurs and producers, Meyase said that the traditional handicrafts and indigenous cuisines will also be encouraged. She expressed hope that this initiative will help preserve traditions while earning livelihood.

The week-long night bazaar, which begins from Saturday, will be take place from the Classic Gate stretch (near Old MLA junction towards local ground) till the deputy commissioner’s office. KCCI women coordinator Kevibeinuo Mere informed EastMojo that over 20 additional streetlights have been set up along the designated stretch.

Mere also said that so far, over 80 persons have registered for setting up stalls during the carnival. With a nominal registration fee of Rs 200 daily, this first ever monthly night bazaar is likely to see participation from over 200 entrepreneurs. She also said that unlike the annual night carnival, this time, more women entrepreneurs have registered for their participation.

While this first monthly night carnival is treated as a trial-and-error method, the KCCI is hopeful that this initiative, in the long run, will be beneficial for the society. The last three days of the week long carnival will coincide with Sekrenyi Mini hornbill festival —the premier festival of the Angami Nagas. The following monthly night carnivals are likely to take place during the fourth Saturday and Sunday of every month.

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