The Beast Credit: By Ex13 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

New Delhi: In the run-up to US President Donald Trump’s India visit on February 24, his official state vehicle, nicknamed ‘The Beast’, has already arrived in the country.

Here are a few things that you need to know about the Presidential limousine:

* The latest model of armoured limousine was inducted in the Secret Service fleet in 2018. The all-new Cadillac is said to be the most sophisticated vehicle for transporting the President of the United States.

* The special limo has a custom-built medium-duty truck frame design and is the only of its kind vehicle in the world.

* According to reports, there’s always more than one or two ‘Beasts’ delivered by its makers to the Secret Service for backup or decoy. Normally, one can see two ‘Beasts’ in the Presidential motorcade.

* The vehicle is said to have its own aircraft — a C-17 Globemaster — and follows the US President wherever he goes.

*The heavily armoured limo has 5-inch-thick glass, 8-inch-thick doors. Its windows are made of five layers of glass and polycarbonate. Only driver’s window can open up to 3 inches. The car’s front houses tear gas grenade launchers and night-vision cameras.

* Some of the other safety measures of the car includes run-flat tyres and oxygen supply of its own, along with satellite phone and nuclear codes.

* The limo is said to stock the President’s blood-type, along with a defibrillator and other emergency equipment.

* The vehicle is powered by a 5.0-litre diesel engine with mileage as low as 3 kmpl (as per some reports) due to its weight and size.

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