Parikrama lead guitarist Sonam Sherpa (left) and Awarthanga Chiru in happier times

Imphal: Young musician from Manipur, Awarthanga Chiru, was recently awarded the Chishti India Harmony Awards 2019 in New Delhi for his song Live as one based on unity and harmony. But what caught everyone’s attention was his humbleness and grounded attitude.

Soon after he received the award from the Trustees of India Harmony Foundation, Chiru or Awar (commonly called by his buddies) put up a lovely Facebook post on his page.

“I want to dedicate this award to all my friends, well-wishers, my teachers and also would like to dedicate this award to Late Sonam Sherpa for playing an important part of my singing career,” wrote the musician-cum-songwriter who hails from Kangchup Chiru village in Kangpokpi district.

Awarthanga Chiru is the lead vocalist of Blending Chords

“I looked up to him as a legend before meeting him. And the moment I met him, I found out that he was very much down-to-earth, caring for every little thing about me and showing me the path to success,” Chiru told EastMojo over phone.

Despite meeting only three times on different occasions, the lead guitarist and founder of Parikrama, late Sonam Sherpa, left a huge impression for the young Manipur musician.

“We connected so well both on stage and off it. I will miss him dearly,” Chiru said in an emotional tone.

Awarthanga Chiru receiving the Chishti India Harmony Awards 2019 in New Delhi recently

“Suddenly, I could visualise the spark on his face as Chiru sounded delighted on the phone when we talked about his journey as a musician,” he said.

Chiru, who’s the lead vocalist of Blending Chords, started playing music at a very young age when he was studying at Class IV. Later on, he was also started penning down his songs and performed live at various platforms.

So far, altogether Chiru has released two albums and one single. The first album titled Hidden Things with his band Blending Chords was released in 2015.

The solo album Live as one, where he received the prestigious award from, was released in 2017. His latest single, Destination North East 2019, was released last year.

The song ‘Live as one’ is based on unity and harmony

According to Chiru, he wrote the song Live as one initially for school competition since he works in a school as a music teacher. Later, he decided to release his solo album with this song as a title song.

“The song is about unity and harmony, a person dreaming of a world without hatred, divisions etc. In the video, I portrayed oneness and brotherhood despite being from different faith, ethnicity and race,” Chiru said.

Chiru, who is currently based in Delhi, is at present working on his latest song, I am with you, and is likely to release it by the end of this year.

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