The NSCN/GPRN said that the Pan Naga Hoho is needed in order to ‘keep alive the Naga nationhood’

Kohima: The Chakesang region national workers of NSCN-IM in its recent meeting with the Chakesang Public Organisation (CPO) received appreciation for “the firm stand taken by NSCN negotiating team with reference to the critical importance of a Pan Naga Hoho”.

An official statement from the NSCN/GPRN said that in keeping with the political expediency, the NSCN-IM’s Chakesang region initiated a sitting with the CPO, apex tribal body of the Chakesang Naga community. The NSCN team led by Ape Venuh, member of Collective Leadership, appealed the community to “understand the underlying political arrangement with the government of India”.

The CPO, through the meeting, expressed that any “Indo-Naga political solution should reflect the spirit of 1951 Plebiscite”, further emphasising on the urgent need to bring a “solution that is acceptable to the Nagas’ political aspiration”.

It said that as Venuh explained the “overall position of the ongoing Indo- Naga political talks and the firm stand taken by NSCN negotiating team” in regard to the “critical importance of Pan Naga Hoho”, the members who attended the meeting expressed their appreciation for “exhibiting such political determination”.

The Pan Naga Hoho, it said, is needed in order to “keep alive the Naga nationhood” and that it does not betray the political aspirations of the Nagas.

Earlier, the Eastern Naga National Workers’ Union (ENNWU), through a press statement, backed the decision to stand by Pan Naga Hoho, stating that in the “course of the long period of negotiations it has been agreed upon by NSCN negotiating team and the government of India that this statutory body shall be established so that Nagas everywhere will be able to get together under one body under the banner of Naga flag”.

It said that under no circumstances, the ENNWU shall backtrack from the decision taken and all members of ENNWU unanimously resolved to strongly stand by the Pan Naga Hoho. It also said that the “Pan Naga Hoho will enable the Nagas everywhere to come under one umbrella”.

It brushed off allegations saying that “there is no need to develop any wrong concept because Pan Naga Hoho is simply a cultural body that brings all Nagas under one banner and would stand for the welfare and development of all Nagas”.

Following this, the Eastern Naga National Workers Association (ENNWA) which comprises of GPRN/NSCN, NSCN (Reformation), NSCN/GPRN (Khango), NNC/FGN, NNC/GDRN, NNC/NPGN and NNC (Parent Body) under its Working Committee (WC), jointly rejected the statement of the ENNWU saying that “Nagas of Nagaland will not accept the so-called Pan-Naga Hoho, without integration” since the proposed Pan-Naga Hoho would be “simply interpreted as political annexation of Nagaland.”

Questioning the Pan Naga Hoho, it said the “Naga freedom struggle cannot end with a Naga cultural body” and that the establishment of the “so-called Pan Naga Hoho through an Act of Parliament, will be the end of any hope for Naga unity”. It recommended that the emergence of any cultural body should be “ a voluntary affair among Naga tribes post Indo-Naga political solution”.

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