Army personnel saving a woman from drowning in Nausatra Nallah in Barpeta district of Assam Credit: Defence PRO

Guwahati: In keeping with the best traditions and ethos of the Indian Army, some brave soldiers in Barpeta district of lower Assam saved a women from drowning in the fast-flowing, icy-cold Nausatra Nallah on Sunday.

According to a statement released by Defence PRO, soldiers of a nearby post heard some noise coming from Patvaushi Bridge on the Nausatra Nallah in the afternoon on Sunday. Two army officials, who soon reached the site, were informed about the incident. The officials took immediate decision and directed an NCO, a swimmer, to jump in and save the woman.

The woman being pulled out of Nausatra Nallah in Barpeta, Assam

After 30 metres of intense swimming, the NCO finally reached the woman and swam back with her towards the bank.

As the NCO reached close to the bank, the senior official who was controlling the entire operation from the banks jumped in with a rope and bamboo sticks and helped the NCO get the woman to safety.

The entire rescue operation, which was extremely dangerous and could have resulted in loss of life of the woman and her saviours, was executed impeccably by the Army personnel.

The Army personnel’s act of chivalry and gallantry has been lauded by the locals of the region

The Army personnel’s act of chivalry and gallantry in saving the woman from ‘sure death’ was lauded by the locals present at the site. The Indian Army once again displayed its compassionate and courageous tradition of always being ready to help its citizens in times of need, in addition to securing the country from external threat and internal strikes.

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