The toilet rolls are estimated to be worth about HK$1,000

New Delhi: Coronavirus is the new black plaque, or at least it seems so. It has already claimed 1,770 lives in mainland China and counting. While it is common for people to stock up food and other essentials items, a bizarre incident has come to light from Hong Kong where an armed gang stole about 600 rolls of toilet paper.

According to reports, three men at knifepoint stole about 50 packets of toilet paper rolls, each containing 12 pieces, from outside a supermarket on Mong Kok Road. The toilet rolls are estimated to be worth about HK$1,000.

Though Hong Kong police have already arrested two suspects, the hunt for the third one is on. Also, the stolen items were retrieved from a guest house not too far from the supermarket.

Ever since the outbreak of the novel virus, shoppers have been panic buying at supermarkets fearing a shortage of essential commodities, clearing shelves across Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, around the world, the demand for face mask has peaked, causing a serious shortage. Though the general green surgical masks are not effective in avoiding the spread of the virus, shoppers have hoarded face masks.

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