Amit Singh Raj, the CEO and founder of Coceptual Media, worked with a team of 15 members for Aam Aadmi Party’s successful social media campaign in run-up to recent Delhi elections 

Guwahati: We are all aware of the landslide victory of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the recent Delhi elections and the party’s chief ministerial candidate, Arvind Kejriwal, retaining his position consecutively for the third time. However, very little is known about the people who worked on the party’s successful social media campaign which has truly had an influence in the recent elections.

Right from the starting day of the campaign, it was seen that the party took up a two parallel poll bugle strategy — one on the ground and the other on social media. As the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Centre is well known for their tactful skills in handling social media games, this year, AAP too gave a close fight on the virtual front, upping its ante with quirky comebacks and punchy taglines.

For the party’s recent sweeping victory, Delhi-based media professional agency Coceptual Media played a critical role in conceptualising social media strategy and content creative which they took up in countering opposition BJP’s CM candidate Manoj Tiwari. Interestingly, Coceptual Media comprises of a small team (social media experts) of only 15 members in the age group of 19 to 35 years. They were assigned by the AAP leadership to handle the party’s social media handles including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Sharechat, TikTok and Hellotunes, among others, to target young voters.

AAP’s interesting social media creatives made by Coceptual Media

Speaking exclusively with EastMojo, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Coceptual Media, Amit Singh Raj, informed that AAP leadership approached them in September last year after looking into their strategical social media works for winning party candidates in Maharashtra elections including National Congress Party leader Rohit Pawar.

“We started our social media strategy campaign starting with the Karnataka assembly elections working for Karnataka Congress Party (KCP) in 2017 and we also handled the social media handles for both the Arunachal chief minister and deputy chief minister,” Raj added.

Interestingly, Raj also informed that among all tasks allocated to them by AAP, one primary task was to counter BJP’s CM candidate Tiwari by producing witty WhatsApp and TikTok video content from all his Bhojpuri movies and songs to all his past and present interviews.

Creative designed by Coceptual Media team

Speaking on few interesting social media content that his team produced as part of AAP’s election campaign, Raj said that he and his team created a video Safarnama that displays Arvind Kejriwal and Manoj Tiwari in a single window, to make people understand and eventually decide upon which candidate they want to vote for.

“In this video of nearly 12 minutes’ duration, we tried to portray the past works of both the CM candidates, after doing research on their past lives,” Raj said.

The former journalist, who was associated with CNN-IBN, spoke about his shift to new media from mainstream journalism. He said that starting from his initial days working as a journalist from 2007 to 2014, he was keen on digital media knowing that it is the next big thing that the world is going to explore.

“In India, Internet being one significant platform to connect everyone with fewer investments, one can reach every household by producing interesting content,” Raj added.

Expressing his personal views on Arvind Kejriwal, Raj said that he should be the Prime Minister of India by 2024. Supporting his comment, he added that as he and his team have worked for many other party and candidates in the past, they examined the party manifesto which clearly depicts its stand in fulfilling the demands of the general people.

“I feel that Arvind Kejriwal should be the next PM by 2024,” he said.

Notably, the run-up to Delhi assembly polls witnessed a vociferous campaigns, with AAP riding on the laurels of their developmental promises in health and education sectors while the opposition BJP was busy in propelling national issues such as the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, among others.

Eventually, the ruling AAP scored a landslide victory in the recent Delhi assembly elections as it swept aside both BJP, which was again restricted to a single digit, and the Congress which could not win a single seat.

AAP won 62 seats in the 70-member assembly, five seats short of its 2015 tally when it had won 67 seats. The BJP won eight seats, five more than its tally in the previous election. The Congress, which had failed to win a seat in the last election also, saw a dip in its vote percentage. AAP’s victory came in the backdrop of a campaign marked by shrillness and dashed BJP’s hopes to form government in the national capital after nearly two decades.

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