Chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb inaugurating the new cold and disease tolerant hybrid rubber clone ‘RRII 429’

Agartala: The chief minister of Tripura, Biplab Kumar Deb, on Thursday inaugurated the new cold and disease tolerant hybrid rubber clone ‘RRII 429’ that would improve the commercial cultivation of natural rubber in the northeastern region.

Speaking in the inaugural session, Deb said, Tripura is the second largest rubber producing state and has a huge capability to produce more rubber each year. The state government has taken measure to produce rubber of high quality in the state.

“The new rubber clone, RRII 429, would help to develop the livelihood of the natural rubber cultivators especially the indigenous. The new rubber clone is a fast-growing variety and high yielding besides cold tolerant, this would be a step towards increasing the rubber production of Tripura and other NE states.”

Rubber Board chairman, Sawar Dhanania, and executive director, KN Raghavan, introduced the clone of rubber named RRII 429 series. This clone can produce more than 64 grams per tree /tap in large scale trials and 1500 kg/ha/year in Block trails and outperforms RRIM 600 which yields 40 grams per tree tap and 1200 kg/ha/year and block trials respectively.

Since 1996, clone of multi-location field trials in North Bengal (West Bengal), Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura, the Board has evolved the new cold and disease tolerant hybrid rubber clone RRII 429 to expand the ongoing natural rubber cultivation in the North-eastern states and increase production and productivity. This clone maintains high yields in the virgin and renewed panels.

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“In winter this clone can produce huge number of rubber. We export so many products to other states and other countries, but we get the most profit only from rubber. Around Rs. 1400 Crore yearly profit from rubber is made and this new clone will help to increase the state’s economy,” Deb said.

He also wrote in his twitter, “To increase the income of rubber growers of the state today introduced high yielding hybrid clone of rubber sapling RRII 429 with the help of the Rubber Board This will be be a step towards increasing the rubber production of Tripura, the second highest rubber producer in India”.

Deb also said that transportation between Tripura and other states and countries from Tripura through the Chittagong port of Bangladesh will begin from June this year.

“Upon completion of the bridge on River Feni that will connect Tripura to Chittagong port will help to boost the rubber industry and the exportation of rubber items from the state. The transportation will become easier and cheaper,” chief minister Deb added.

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