The Budget Session of Assam Assembly will take place from March 2-27

Guwahati: The upcoming Budget Session of Assam Legislative Assembly will see several reports from departmentlly related standing committees (DRSC) for education, works department and development department.

According to the business calendar of the meeting for the Budget Session of the 14th Assembly, the session will take place from March 22-27. There will be a recess during the session from March 7-19 for DRSC meetings, and their reports will be presented on March 20.

The DRSCs are miniature house committees whose reports are accepted by the Assembly.

This time, four DRSCs will submit reports, all of which completed their terms in January this year. They are: DRSC on Education, DRSC on Works Department, DRSC on Development Department (A) and DRSC on Development Department (B).

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