According to family members, miscommunication with the doctors led Balakrishnayya to believe that he had coronavirus

New Delhi: A man took his own life after he mistook his symptoms for those of coronavirus, as he was suffering from a urinary tract infection, in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh on Monday, reported The News Minute.

The deceased was identified as Balakrishnayya from Thottambedu village, who visited the Ruia Government General Hospital on Saturday for a medical consultation.

According to his family members, miscommunication with the doctors led him to believe that he had coronavirus.

“We told him that he did not have coronavirus, but he refused to let us near him. He told all the villagers to stay away. He would tell them that their kids would also end up contracting it if they came close to him,” Balakrishnayya’s son was quoted as saying by The News Minute.

According to the report, the man went to the hospital for checkup as his heart rate was high and the doctors told him about the problem ‘in their style’, but Balakrishnayya believed it was the deadly coronavirus.

His wife told reporters that the doctors told him he had an infection and told him to wear a mask to avoid contracting other infection. “He didn’t have much awareness. He started to behave strangely on Saturday. And by Monday morning, he killed himself,” she said.

His son said that the man saw a lot of videos on symptoms of coronavirus, and became convinced that he was affected by it. He also said that he made calls to contact those who could create awareness and help his father and he called 1100, 108, 100 but did not get a proper response. The son urges everyone to respond and spread awareness in such cases, the report The News Minute said.

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