A group photo of the gathering held at Hotel Vivor on Saturday

Kohima: Members of all NSCN groups on Saturday, jointly met civil organizations in Kohima for an informal gathering of the Kingdom Leaders Prayer Breakfast (KLPB) at Hotel Vivor. Although no representative of the rebel groups made any address, the spiritual gathering hosted by the Father’s House Church, served its purpose as both groups, irrespective of their political differences joined hands in prayer sending a strong signal at a time when the Naga peace talk is reported “close” to an end.

Altogether 11 NSCN(IM) members, led by Karaibo Chawang, and 14 NNPG delegates, attended the gathering. Organizers informed that representatives from over 40 organizations also attended. Neiba Kronu, minister of planning and coordination launched the first edition of the KLPB coffee table book. MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu, Ceasefire Monitoring chairman Lt Gen Shokin Chauhan, and various other state officials also attended the meeting.

Irrespective of the various organizational backgrounds, members are seeing greeting each other

Later speaking with EastMojo after the gathering, Apostle L Yimsung, founder of Leaders Arise Nagaland (LAN), said that while the turnout of the NSCN members this time has increased which is a positive sign. Giving glory to God, he said that it is the heart of God that enabled them to reach out all the leaders of the state, irrespective of the organization—be it political, tribal, business, or religious.

“This is breakthrough, a new beginning. It is going to get bigger, brighter and better because god is with us. It has become a movement and is not a program anymore,” he added. Yimsung said that the whole purpose is to bring people together to raise golden leaders in the state.

Reverend Robert Kikon, senior pastor FHC, said, “We used the medium of breakfast to connect, exchange ideas, to pray for each other because Nagas can only be united under the cross. There was a lot of interaction and we want the KLPB to be a platform which will engage more Naga leaders together”.

After the gathering, members of the NSCN(IM) and NNPGs held hands in prayer along with the organizers of the KLPB

The Nagaland Gaon Burah Federation (NGBF) was awarded by the Overseas Naga Association. The KLPB also awarded a certificate to Dr SC Jamir, former chief minister of Nagaland for his contribution to the Naga Society, the award for which was handed to his son, Apok Jamir.

A letter written by SC Jamir to Yimsung, which was publicly read out by Apok, said that the gathering holds importance as it is designated for kingdom leaders. Jamir, through the letter, recalled that former Indian premier Atal Bihari Vajpayee diplomatically uttered that he recognises the unique history of the Nagas. “This English word or phrase was taken literally as if this is a special preserve for the Nagas,” the letter said.

“Should we be only satisfied with the uniqueness of the past or we should also make the Naga society unique in some way or the other, so that posterity can talk about the uniqueness of our achievement,” the letter questioned as he pointed that the reality of the present society is opposite of uniqueness.

Adding that people are supreme in a democracy, he said that the political future cannot be decided or suppressed by anyone. He also suggested that the Naga society must change and look beyond to the future rather than holding on to the past. Jamir further urged the national workers to disclose the content of the negotiations and make it “transparent” to the people.

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