Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Guwahati: Thanks to the efforts of the government, Northeast today is a major growth engine of the country, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his reply in Lok Sabha to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address on Thursday.

He said that the Northeast is no more a neglected region.

Addressing the barrier of distance which has for long led to the seclusion of the region, PM Modi said, “People in the Northeast now do not feel that Delhi is a distant place. Now the government is at their doorstep. Our ministers and officials are regularly visiting the region.”

He informed that the Centre is incessantly working on providing electricity, railway connectivity, mobile connectivity and various other aspects of development of the region.

Speaking about the Bodo Peace Accord which was signed on January 27 in New Delhi, Modi said that all the stakeholders were brought together with a sincere effort to resolve the decades-old crisis.

He highlighted that mere procrastination of the issue resulted in the deaths of at least 40,000 people in the decades-old unrest.

Notably, PM Modi on Friday is in Assam to visit Kokrajhar to join in the celebrations for the signing of the historic accord.

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