The Singapore couple hosted their wedding reception via video call Credit: Representational image

Singapore: As desperate times call for desperate measures, a couple opted for a unique approached of wedding reception via video conference as they feared having contracted Coronavirus in their recent travels to China.

The Singapore couple got married earlier last year but decided to host a grand wedding reception later. As guests began to get apprehensive in the fear of Coronavirus, the couple wanted to postpone the event, but the hotel refused, stating that arrangements have been made and it is non-negotiable, reported BBC.

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So they found a modern solution to their problem wherein they dressed in their wedding attire and stayed in the hotel room, while the guests enjoyed the grand affair in the banquet hall. In the end, only 110 of the 190 invited guests made it to the occasion, many skipping it for various different reasons.

Coronavirus hs claimed over 600 lives across the globe till now. It was first detected in China’s Wuhan city, and now reported across the world including Singapore, India etc.

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