Dibrugarh Police checking at various junctions in the district

Tinsukia: With the new Motor Vehicles Act coming into effect in September last year — a move that was aimed to tighten the noose around violators of traffic rules — the police department in Assam’s Dibrugarh district collected its highest total in fines in a single day on the last day of January.

The department collected a fine to the tune of Rs 2,10,300, out of which Rs 17,500 was fined from an auto rickshaw for multiple violations, on Friday, January 31, said the police.

Speaking with EastMojo, Dibrugarh SP Sreejith T said that efforts have been made to create awareness among citizens to follow the new MV Act by distributing leaflets and organising seminars in colleges. “However, on January 31, the police collected a fine of Rs 2,10,300 from the entire district — the highest amount collected so far on a single day after the new law came in place,” he said.

Dibrugarh police distributing leaflets among the riders

“Dibrugarh Sadar police alone collected fine of Rs 1,01,300,” he added.

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“We had divided into several groups and started surprise checking at various important junctions at the same time,” said Dipjyoti Dadhara, traffic inspector of Dibrugarh Sadar told EastMojo.

Dadhara said, two types of violations were the most common. “First, riders riding two-wheelers without a helmet. Several youths riding motorcycle and driving car without having a driving license was the other serious concern” he added.

In some cases, we even called parents of the young violators, and asked them to first get a driving license for their children and then hand them keys of the vehicle. “Parents have a crucial role to play,” Dadhara added, highlighting the recent report which speaks volumes about life lost on Indian roads due to accidents.

Dadhara said, “An autorickshaw was fined Rs 17,500 on account of pollution failure, no driving license, not having valid insurance and general fine.”

“We registered 124 non-FIRs against violators who could not pay fine on the spot,” he further added.

Dibrugarh police posted in their Twitter handle saying, ‘As we pat on our back for enforcing rules, we request all to obey rules.’

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