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Diphu: Opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), 15 social organisations and political parties jointly held an anti-CAA protest rally in Assam’s Karbi Anglong on Monday.

Addressing the rally, president of Tripura People’s Front (TPF) Patal Kanya Jamatia said that the Central government’s intention of having Citizenship Amendment Act, 2020 is to subjugate the indigenous tribes of Northeast. There is no any country, where foreigners are being welcomed, give them protection and even making them ownership.

The rally was held at Rongbong Timung Memorial school, Chutianala playground, 5th mile on Diphu-Manja road.

“There is no any country in the world where foreigners are being accepted, given due protection and according them citizenship and even making them owners of the land. The Central government has only one purpose with the introduction of CAA in India and that is to wipe out the indigenous population in Northeast by allowing foreigners from Bangladesh to settle in Assam, Tripura and in various parts of Northeast,” added Jamatia.

The president also said, “Today the brunt of CAA is directly impacted in Assam and Tripura. With the Inner Line Permit (ILP) being facilitated and states Manipur, Nagaland etc are silent. But they did not know that the cancer disease of CAA will reach them. The people of Northeast have been opposing and staging protest to repeal the act, but the Central government never pays heeds to the demand of the people here. I am one of the petitioners filling petitions with the Supreme Court on the legality of CAA. Now the matter is with the Supreme Court. If the Central government doesn’t want to hear to our plea, then we are also no less the people of Northeast can shake the country”.

Comparing the situation in her state in Tripura the TPF president said, “In Tripura, the majority Bengalis are targeting the Tipras and the indigenous population. They make to create accidents to hit indigenous man or woman. Cases being filled in police stations are not being accepted saying it is a case of accidents. There is fear for indigenous men and women to venture out at night. The Bengalis are dominant over the indigenous population. They have captured political powers and control the state. It will not be too late in Assam also, where the indigenous population will be marginalized. The Bengalis and Muslims are become majority to capture political powers.”

She further said that, “Here in 6th Schedule districts of Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong the Karbis and other indigenous tribes are losing their political powers, land rights, culture, language and identity. The Karbis should stand firm to defend their land and territory, language and culture.” She also told that in UN headquarter, Geneva, has spoken about what CAA is and why the people of Northeastern region of India are protesting.

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Former minister and Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC), president, Holiram Terang also commented on the issue saying, “Through CAA the Central government is creating division amongst the people on the line of religion. In Diphu town you see the roads glittering with colourful decorative lights, but in reality people don’t have food to eat, no price for their products (horticulture, spices and vegetables) and youths having to work. They have to move out from the district is search of greener pasture. The natural resources like coal, sand and stones are being extracted and taken away, while our Council (Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council) could do nothing to stop such illegal activities.” In opposing CAA the people of Karbi Anglong should be united and raise in one voice,” Terang pleaded.

Questioning the state government, convenor of Khilonjia Oikyo Mancha Anup Chetia said, “In 6th schedule area the CAA will not be affected. But till now the state government could not chase out the more than 20,000 Bengalis that have inhabited Uttar Borbil area in Karbi Anglong.”

Taking the example of Tripura, Chutia said, “In Tripura the Bengalis have become majority, while the indigenous Tipra people are becoming minority. In Assam we have to fight against the Bengalis on one side and Muslims on the other. Whether it is Bengalis or Muslims if detected foreigners should be deported.” He also asked the Karbis and other indigenous population to be more alert from the invasion of Bengalis and Muslim before it can stop them.

Media person and Sanmilita Sangram Parishad coordinator Manjit Mahanta; Nagaland Indigenous People’s Forum general secretary Kahuto Chishi and Liberal Democratic Party chairman Prodyut Bora also spoke in the gathering.

The participating organisations were All Assam Gorkha Students Union, All Party Hills Leaders Conference –J, ASDC, All Tiwa Students Union, Dimasa Students Union, Garo Students Union, Garo Cultural Society, Kuki National Assembly, Karbi Nimso Chingthur Asong, KSA-Jemson Timung, Kuki Students Organisation, Man (Tai Speaking) Youth Association, Rengma Naga Cultural Society, Rengma Naga Students Union and Tiwa Cultural Society.

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