A section of the crowd before the start of the second semi-final match between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in Kohima Credit: EastMojo Image

So see you all tomorrow at 5 pm.

It’s confirmed that Sikkim will play in the final against Mizoram at 5:00 pm on Tuesday. CM Rio is likely to present during the final match as guest

Fantastic display of football was visible in the IG Stadium in Kohima….

It’s all over!! Sikkim 3-1 Arunachal Pradesh

2 minutes of extra time given

It’s almost confirm that Mizoram will take on Sikkim in the final to be played on Tuesday.

Sikkim 3-1 AP

Goal!!!! Sikkim again

sikkim 2-1 Arunachal Pradesh

GOAL!!! It’s Sikkim again….

2nd half of extra time is in progress!

End of 1st halh of extra time

Corner Kick Sikkim

Goal kick to AP. Sikkim made a smart move but poor finish. Seems some of crucial players from both sides are exhausted

AP replacement. Pul Noha IN Iame Agong OUT

Foul in AP territory

Sikkim take free kick

Still we say, empty stadium still a concern… we must work together to solve the problem…It’s a country-wide problem…AIFF should do something

1st half on extra time is in progress

Dr T Ao, a great personality

The name of Dr. T. Ao stands as reminder of the journey from the dusty Impur playground where he first played football with improvised balls as a young boy, to the stately Wembly Stadium London in 1948. Talimeren Ao, was born on 28th January 1919 at Changki Village and received his early education from an American Missionary School at Impur, completed his schooling from Christian High School, Jorhat, joined Cotton College, Guwahati in 1942, for his intermediate science and completed MBBS from the then R.G. KAR Medical College in 1950, becoming the First Naga to hold the Degree.

Long whistle from referee indicating end of regular time. Match over. Extra Time of 15 minutes will be played. Two halfs 7.3 minutes each

Fantastic save by AP goalie….

Both the teams are trying hard to penetrate but poor finish makes the difference

Dorje Sherpa of SAP booked with yellow card

Sikkim pressure continues

2nd half has been interesting. However, playing in front of almost empty stadium might disturbs the moral of players while playing…

Extra time of 4 minutes given

Sikkim takes free kick, lands in safe hands of AP custodian

The begining

In the State of Nagaland a parallel championship was initiated under the aegis of the inter-district Football Championship. Under the initiative of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri. Neiphiu Rio in 2004, the inter-disterict football championship was renamed to Dr. T. Ao Football Championship. It has stopped for a few years and revived in 2019 January as a yearly event sponsored by the State Government through the Youth Resources and Sports Department.

The Dr. T. Ao Tournaments has proved to be a great encouragement not only to the young Nagas who loves sports and take pride in following the Legendary example of Dr. T. Ao but to all the Football enthusiasts in the North East and it is hoped that through these Tournaments many more young Dr. T. Ao’s will be produced.

Foul by Sikkim striker on left side corner flank

Yellow card to Sonam Bhutia

Match alive after the goal….Second half becomes very much interesting

Tapi Hakhe score the equaliser for AP. Tackled 3, 4 defenders and then pushed the ball to the open net. Sikkim goalie a silent spectator only… Fantastic!


Foul play committed by AP inside Sikkim goal box

Free kick Sikkim

Again an opportunity missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a touch would have make the difference

AP attack continues

AP players trying hard for an equaliser but poor finish a concern

Sikkim substitution: MIlan Chetry IN, Kilp N Barfungpa OUT

Opportunity misses AP….The team playing well but poor finish

Throw in AP

Arunachal substitution: Abhinash in Tapir out

fantastic keeping denied an equaliser

The beginning:

The event was supported by the Government of India through the Ministry of DoNER in partnership with the Government of Nagaland. The then Union Minister of DoNER, Shri. Bijoy Khrishna Handique was the Chief Guest in the Opening Ceremony.

Earlier the tournaments were played in the Senior Level and from 2017-18 onwards the tournament was played in the category of Under-21 till date. Now we are hosting the 2019-20 editions.

The present program is jointly funded by the NEC and the State Government of Nagaland.

Goal kick for AP

Arunachal again in limelight but its Sikkim goalie who does the rest

Unhealthy tackling by Sikkim

KINTU O LACHUNUPA scores for the Sikkim. He availed an opportunity and just pushed the ball to net by taking advantage of confusion created by the AP defenders


AP misses an open net again….

Sikkim substitution: Prashant Chetry in Roshan Pradhan out

Opportunity for Sikkim. Sikkim missed a chance. Sonam I Bhutia misses it

History behind

Under the initiative of the Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, the NE Dr. T. Ao Trophy was started with the approval of All India Football Federation vide approval letter No. AIFF/TOURNAMENT/2009/4349 dated 20th October 2009 and the first NE Dr. T. Ao Trophy was hosted by Nagaland which was held at Dimapur from 2nd to 12th November 2009.

AP throw in

Arunachal substitute: Tagro James in, Charo Lalum out in 53:22 minutes

Poor finish by AP. Open net I Makne failed….Big miss

Attack continues by AP

Ball lands at Sikkim goalie

Movement near Arunachal corner line

Throw in Sikkim

Free kick for Sikkim

we are back for the second half

Soon after referee blows whistle showing the break, some players from both sides argued with each other. Referees had to interfere in it. No good sign for football!!!!

First half ends: Score line still reads 0-0

Error in throw in continues

Throw in Sikkim

2 minutes of additional time given. Score 0-0

Continuous effort by Arunachal forward

Sikkim goalie Urgen Pintsa Sherpa showing talent…

Great save by Sikkim custodian… fantastic effort by AP

Foul play by one each from both sides. yellow card shown both of them

again attack against Sikkim

Poor finish by AP forwards continue…

Poor finish Asish Chetry (9) of Sikkim

Ball in front of Sikkim goal post… something might happen

I Dolo(10) made a stronmg move against Sikim but as usual, poor finish

Now, Sikkim is in the defensive

AP consolidating its position. But penalty was undoubtedly a big miss

Arunachal got penalty, but missed!!!!!

Sikkim mid fielders playing wee but no coordination with strikers

Good goalkeeping, SIkkim

Free kick AP, no result

Error in throw in on numerous occasions a concern for both the teams

both the teams lack proper coordination, lack in traditional man-to-man marking system..

NO breakthrough so far

Throw in Sikkim near opposition goal line

Directionless shot from both sides creating chaos on field

Goal kick for AP

Directly to AP custodian… poor shot, lack of proper force

corner Sikkim

Golden miss: Open net but failed to capitalise, poor Sikkim forward line

Sikkim consolidating its position in match, but poor finish a concern

Despite arranging free transport facilities crowd attendance is very low

Poor crowd attendance a major concern for the organisers

Free kick for AP

Corner kick against Sikkim, missed

A scene from match

scoreline : 0-0

Good show by Arunachal defenders so far

Throw in for Arunachal

Sikkim still in control of the game

Ball in Arunachal Half now

Sikkim forward line is attacking, putting pressure on Arunachal defence

Goal kick forAP

Winner of the match will meet Mizoram in the final

Players being introduced with guests

Match patron Sharingain Longkumer, Dy speaker (speaker in charge)

Stage set for the second semi-final match between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh

Section of crowd ahead of the match

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