Group B match between Sikkim (in blue) and Mizoram (in red)

Mizoram to play against Nagaland in first semifinal at 2 pm on Monday

Sikkim now lead Group B with 7 points and will play against Arunachal Pradesh at the second semi-final at 4:30 pm on Monday

Game over! Sikkim 2-1 Mizoram

Additional time of 4 mins

Yellow card for Sikkim’s Dawa Sherpa (jersey 6) in 90min

Mizoram substitution Vanlalnghenga (jersey 2) IN; C Lalnunmawia (jersey 31) OUT in 84:40 min

Sikkim final substitution: Prashant Chettri (jersey 15) IN; Sameer Pradhan (jersey 5) OUT in 81:31 min

Mizoram substitution players and team officials watch the match in suspense

Mizoram substitution: R Malsawmtluanga (jersey 20) IN; David Lalrinmuana (captain) (jersey 17) OUT in 73:37 min

Mizoram substitution: F Lalrinpuia (jersey 16) IN; Lalbiakhlua (jersey 7) OUT in 72:33 min

Sikkim substitution: Sanjay Rai (jersey 13) IN; Ashish Chettri (jersey 9) OUT in 70:40 min

Sikkim substitution: Sanjay Chettri (jersey 7) IN; Milan Chettri (jersey 18) OUT in 63:50 min

Despite free transportation services, matches continue to attract less spectators

Exhibition match between Youth Resources and Sports (YRS) officials and Organizing Committee scheduled at 4:30 pm tomorrow

In today’s first match of Group B, Meghalaya beat Assam 8-1

Top goal scorers of the trophy

Latest leaderboard

3 possibilities for semi-final match

1. If Sikkim wins today, Nagaland will play Mizoram in the semi-finals

2. If they draw, Nagaland will play Sikkim in the semi-finals

3. If Mizoram wins, Nagaland will play Meghalaya in the semi-finals.

Anything can happen!

Second half begins

Tongtien Longchar, winner of last year’s TaFMA solo competition, enthralling the crowd at half time

HALF TIME: Sikkim 2-1 Mizoram

Yellow card for Mizoram’s Lalnunmawia (jersey 31) in additional time 3:16 min

Children enjoy warm tea as they watch the match

Yellow card for Sikkim’s Milan Chettri (jersey 9) in 45:20 in additional time

Mizoram’s PC Laldinpuia scores first goal for team!

Score update: Sikkim 2-0 Mizoram

It’s a cold evening with temperature hovering around 7 degrees Celsius

2nd goal for Sikkim by Dawa Sherpa (jersey 6) in 20:15 min!

1st goal for Sikkim by Sonam Tshering Bhutia (jersey 8) in 17:17 min!

Sikkim celebrating its first goal

Match kicked off

Sikkim in blue jersey, Mizoram in red

Group B match between Sikkim and Mizoram about to begin. Stay with EastMojo

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