Group A match between Nagaland and Manipur Credit: EastMojo image

List of winners and runners up of North East Dr T Ao Trophy since 2009

Nagaland’s forward Rhitsho Mero with 7 goals is top scorer of the tournament till date; followed by Nagaland skipper Khwetelhi Thopi with 5 goals

The victorious Nagaland team

Team Nagaland kneel in prayer after their victory against Manipur
Team Nagaland pose for photo after the match

Game over! Nagaland 3-2 Manipur!

And Manipur scores its second goal!

Nagaland 3-2 Manipur

3rd goal for Nagaland!

K Thopi (jersey no 23) scores third goal in favour of Nagaland

Extra time: 4 min

First substitution for Nagaland

Hitova Ayemi (19) OUT, Khakhevi Assumi (9) IN

Foggy conditions start to develop at Indira Gandhi Stadium, the venue of the match

Yellow card

Yellow card to Manipur’s H Kipgen (jersey no 14) at 79 minutes

Zale Neikha, advisor Youth Resources and sports, and Abu Metha, adviser to chief minister, among thousands of spectators witnessing the ongoing match

Thousands of spectators witness the ongoing match despite temperatures dipping below 8 degrees Celsius in Kohima

Nagaland scores second goal!!!

Rhitsho Mero (jersey no. 10) scores second goal for Nagaland at 53.39

Nagaland 2-1 Manipur

Nagaland team (red) celebrating the second goal

Free bus services will be provided from January 25-28 from the following points: High school junction to IG stadium from 1 pm onwards; and from IG stadium to PR Hill at 6:30 pm.

Free transportation to venue

With the ongoing North East Dr T Ao Trophy being played at Indira Gandhi (IG) stadium in Kohima, the Department of Youth Resources and sports (DYRS) on Friday notified that free transportation for the public will be provided till the last day of the football event.

Second half kicked off! Stay tuned for more updates

Some visuals from the match so far

Goal scorers: Nagaland 1-1 Manipur (half-time)

* Nagaland: Khwetelhi Thopi (captain) (23) — 8

* Manipur: Lalminlian Vaiphei (6) — 40.14

Half-time: Nagaland 1-1 Manipur

Manipur equalise as L Vaiphei (jersey 6) scores maiden goal for state at 40.14 min! Nagaland 1-1 Manipur

Nagaland’s Vikethozo (jersey No. 3) gets injured

Manipur substitution: Lamjingba Mutum OUT, Ch Gobin Singh IN

Nagaland’s first goal scored by Khwetelhi Thopi (captain)!

Team standing
Squad | Nagaland vs Manipur | Group A


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