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Shillong: The United Democratic Party (UDP) took up issues concerning the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), 2019, and the demand for Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state. The party on Thursday held a central executive committee meeting and demanded that ILP should be implemented in Meghalaya.

Addressing the media in Shillong, senior leader of the UDP Bindo Lanong said that the party has taken a decision and opposed CAA like other NGOs and people of Meghalaya, mentioning that the country is burning on this issue.

“We welcome that the Supreme Court bench has taken up the matter to hear the voice of India on this issue, we hope that the SC will go in sync with the aspiration of the people of the country. We are happy that the Meghalaya Assembly, how unanimously all the parties including the Opposition with one voice adopted this resolution. So we wish that the Centre will not stand on its way for introduction and implementation of ILP in Meghalaya,” said Lanong.

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General secretary of UDP, Jemino Mawthoh said since everyone has made a collective decision to demand for ILP, hence the pursuit for ILP will carry on further.

“Even though the debate is still going on concerning implementation of ILP, but I feel since we have collectively made that decision, we are going to pursue the matter further, let us hope and see that the Centre’s decision also will be forthcoming,” said Mawthoh.

He added, “When there is a hue and cry and protest is being made across the country so we can understand that there are a lot of things happening here. So in principle, we are very much against because we don’t see any rationale here but then let us also wait for the interpretation of the Supreme Court, we leave it to the wisdom of the SC.”

Bindo Lanong says Congress should not politicise CAA issue

When the party was questioned what their views were upon the recent remarks made by Leader of Opposition on the Meghalaya government trying to force people to accept CAA, Lanong laughed hysterically and said that if the Congress is deaf and blind then it is better not to hear them.

“They [Congress] know very well even the NPP has openly stated, gone to Delhi and met the officials in Delhi expressing their views on this that Meghalaya should be exempted the entire state should be exempted. So if they would like to make their political overtone then we have nothing to say. But that is their duty because they are in the opposition but I think they have to be true to the state of things going on and talk straight and not mince words, politicising the issue for political mileage or political gain I think it is very unfortunate,” said Lanong.

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