Some swimmers are now making a mark in the sporting discipline

Guwahati: Swimming in India has often been taught as a safety measure rather than a sport. Although there has been much struggle for successful sports persons from India in the sporting discipline, some of them are now gaining momentum manifesting medal potentials in the upcoming events such as Olympics, Commonwealth and Asian games.

Partha Pratim Majumder, head coach of SGTIDM (SAI Glenmark TIDM Program) who is in Guwahati for the ongoing 3rd Khelo India Youth Games 2020 expressed hope saying that India is likely to win medals in swimming at global events by 2024. The FINA certified coach said that the current swimming arena of India compared to the time bygone is much better with the evolution of the public domain which helps the sportsmen to check on the details of their competitors as swimming is a measurable sport.

“As of now, there are about seven B Cut swimmers for the upcoming Olympics of which two of the swimmers have their timings very close to A cut (A cut relates to the top 16 timings of the previous Olympics),” he said.

He further expressed his gratitude to SFI (Swimming Federation of India) and also the private organisations for sponsorship. “Essence of development is more organized coaching,” Majumder told EastMojo.

“Infrastructure is not the main requirement, of course, it is very mandatory but the placement of the professionals in right regions is more important just like the fusion of hardware and software,” Majumder added.

With the evolution of swimming in India, the mass can understand that instead of complaining about resource scarcity the available resource should be used sustainably compared with the US where the top coaches practise only in 25 yards pool which is smaller than 25 meter but still they are producing wonders.

The head coach further stated that apart from the government and private sector organizations like Glenmark Aquatic Foundation sponsor players to have a global outlook which will make them more professional.

He also mentioned many swimmers from India like Shrihari Nataraj, Shivangi Sarmah, Aastha Choudhury, Swadesh Mondal and Mihir Amrel and that they are looking forward to bagging medals in 2028 Olympics.

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