Union home minister Amit Shah on Thursday signed a quadripartite agreement with Mizoram, Tripura and leaders of internally-displaced Brus

Aizawl: A day after the signing of a quadripartite agreement with Bru tribals, various political parties and civil society groups in Mizoram have lauded the Centre, governments of Mizorm and Tripura for the historic agreement, which would end more than a 2-decade-old imbroglio.

Political parties and NGOs also hailed the agreement as “milestone” in the political history of the state.

Central Young Mizoram Association (CYMA), the largest civil organisation in Mizoram, in a statement on Friday expressed happiness over the signing of the agreement, according to which over 30,000 Bru people, who fled Mizoram in 1997, will be settled permanently in Tripura.

The statement said that the Centre and the Mizoram government have been making constant effort to repatriate the Bru tribals, who were also warmly welcomed by the NGOs to return to their villages in Mizoram.

The Bru families refused to return to Mizoram and chose to remain in six relief camps in Tripura despite several rehabilitation packages being offered to them, the statement said.

While lauding the Union ministry of home affairs and Mizoram government, the association said that the signing of the pact was a matter of satisfaction for Mizoram, which has been grappling with the Bru crisis for about 23 years.

“What makes every happy about the agreement is that those Bru voters, who will be settled in Tripura, will now be de-frenchised in Mizoram for good,” the association said in the statement.

State’s apex student body, Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), also thanked the Centre, governments of Mizoram and Tripura and various NGOs for their efforts towards the signing of the Bru agreement.

The student organisation, however, appealed to all repatriated Bru families, to behave properly with the native Mizos for peaceful co-existence.

The ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) hailed the quadripartite agreement as a “milestone” and “memorable event” for the people of Mizoram. The party, in its statement, attributed the signing of the peace accord to the efforts made by the Centre, Mizoram government and NGOs.

It also wished that the agreement is materialised and remained fruitful.

While expressing happiness over the agreement, the state Congress said that it had made constant efforts to take back the displaced Bru people from Tripura during its regime.

A statement issued by the party said the Congress government had made proposals several times before the Centre and Tripura government that the Bru people, who are unwilling to return to Mizoram, should be allowed to settle in Tripura.

However, the proposals were dashed to the ground because the then CPI-M led Tripura government rejected them, the statement said. “It’s a matter of happiness that the Tripura government has finally agreed to harbour the Bru people in its own state,” Congress said in the statement.

The state BJP unit also hailed the agreement and thanked home minister Amit Shah and state NGOs for their initiative towards finding final solution to the Bru crisis.

The party, however, blamed both the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) and Congress for allegedly failing to resolve the Bru crisis for more than two decades.

Mizoram People’s Conference (MPC) also strongly welcomed the agreement and prayed that it is fulfilled without fail.

The party also asked the state government to give utmost concern to the repatriated Bru families in Mizoram to ensure that they led peaceful life and benefited from various development schemes.

In what may be termed as “milestone,” a quadripartite agreement was signed on Thursday among the Centre, governments of Mizoram and Tripura and various Bru associations.

The agreement seeks to grant permanent settlement to the Bru people in Tripura.

According to the agreement, those Bru families, who continue to live in six relief camps in Tripura after November 30, 2019, will be settled permanently in the state and those, who have already returned to Mizoram should not be allowed to go back to Tripura.

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