Poornima Mondol chats with one of her sons during the 3rd Khelo India Youth Games 2020 in Guwahati, Assam

Guwahati: The third edition of Khelo India Youth Games which is being held in Guwahati is no short of surprises, one of them being the ‘Three Musketeers’. Poornima Mondol, a proud mother of three sons, has produced three athletes, all experts in three different forms of sports representing their state, Assam, at the ongoing games — Sujit Mondol in kho kho, Pradip Mondol in hockey and Mallvika Mondol in football.

Switching through multiple jobs in her life, the determined mother provided the necessary financial support to help her children to attain success in sport. “I have had multiple jobs in my life. I worked in a school for some time before leaving it because the salary was very low. Then I opened a shop, which unfortunately didn’t garner revenue,” she was quoted as saying by Khelo India.

Even her husband who is a carpenter doesn’t get as much work as he used to, hence, adding up to their financial troubles. She added that she faced financial trouble when her children had just started to take up sports.

Training for sports never comes cheap. With the sporting equipment and coaching classes, the mother of three faced a lot of trouble in the financial aspect. However, as her sons started to win tournaments which brought home some money, it helped ease their troubles a bit. “Now, they earn enough to provide for themselves as well,” said the proud mother.

Though kho kho is not a very popular sport in India, still, Poornima’s son Sujit chose to play the sport. The Assamese athlete said that he was always fascinated with the sport, he said: “Kho kho is a game that not many people understand. We have to show the sport to people and teach them the basic rules, they only they will understand it.”

As to why the mother wanted to put all her sons in the field of sports, she said that sports were the best way to keep her children occupied. Not wanting her sons to waste their time after school hours or be misguided, she said, “I was worried that they would meet some people who would take my children in the wrong direction.”

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