Assam government’s official calendar for 2020 has the word ‘videshimukto’ (foreigner-free) included in its list of motto

Guwahati: It seems that the Assam government is not taking anything for granted regarding the protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and trying to grab every available opportunity to convince the masses, especially the anti-CAA protesters, that making Assam an illegal foreigner-free state is indeed one of their primary agendas.

Apart from using various means to create awareness among the masses about the controversial Act, the state government has not even spared its official calendar for 2020 in this regard.

While the Assam government’s 2019 calendar (left) didn’t have a ‘list of mottos’, the 2020 calendar has one that includes the word ‘videshimukto’ (circled)

Every year, the state government publishes its annual English calendar to distribute among masses, especially among public representatives, government officers, offices, and other important locations, among others.

This year too, the state government has already started distributing the new calendar. However, unlike previous years, the 2020 calendar focuses on making Assam a ‘foreigner-free’ state. The new calendar features a new line with a list of its mottos, including the word ‘videshimukto’, which in Assamese translates to ‘foreigner-free’.

This initiative has come to light when a section of officers, who regularly receive Assam government calendars over the years, found the differences this year.

Assam government’s official calendar for 2020 has the word ‘videshimukto’ (foreigner-free) (circled) included in its list of motto

“This year, we noticed that the state government is taking advantage of the calendar to make people aware about their move against the ongoing CAA movement. Previously, there used to be a blank strip in the lower portion of the calendar. But this time, the state government has not even spared this space and used it to write about its mottos — one of them being ‘foreigner-free’ — sending out a clear message to anti-CAA protesters,” a senior state government official said, on condition of anonymity.

While writing about its mottos, the state government in its calendar has pointed towards four issues that it’s aiming at — a corruption-free, foreigner-free, terrorism-free and pollution-free Assam.

Meanwhile, term it a coincidence or a genuine attempt to spread the party agenda, the BJP-led government in Dispur has also used the saffron colour liberally across the calendar.

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