Nazira: To give solace from the extreme cold of January, Social Welfare Group (SWG) of Mathurapur from Charaideu district in Assam distributed blankets among the poor and needy people of the region on Monday.

The particular organisation from Mathurapur continuously helps the indigents by organising human welfare programmes.

Thinking about the needs and scarcities of those people the Social Welfare Group helps those poor people every winter by distributing winter wears.

On Monday, the group distributed blankets to almost 50% of the elderly men and women. Many people appreciating their noble gesture.

Speaking with EastMojo, the president of Social Welfare Group, Parnab Borgohain said, “Today this group has distributed blankets to almost half of the elderly men and women. Many people are appreciating their great work.”

“Last year also we have organized this programme and this year, today we started this programme from Mathurapur Primary school and we have contributed blankets to almost half of the elderly people to give them some kind of relief from this cold and in coming 6 days we will donate warm clothes to every beggars and the poor living by the roadside or living in the village” added Borgohain.

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