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‘BJP’s intention is to spread hatred and communal violence’

“I want to ask PM Narendra Modi what happened to ‘Make in India’, what happened to promises made on employment,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Demonetisation was done and people were made to suffer. They are planning to make people fight among themselves,” he said.

“We won’t let BJP, RSS to destroy the culture and history of Assam. Assam will be ruled by the people of its state. We won’t let Nagpur rule Assam,” he added.

‘BJP govt destroyed the financial condition of India’

“Assamese youths are not employed and the CM and even PM Modi doesn’t speak of it,” said Rahul Gandhi.

‘The spirit of Assam Accord should not be broken’

“Assam Accord brought peace to Assam. In the country, where BJP goes, it tries to spread violence,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“The government is trying supress the voice of public, they are killing youths. People are speaking up their heart in a democratic manner and the government should not use force in course of action,” he added.

‘I have learnt a lot from Assam’

“I came here 15 years ago and at that time I had no knowledge about the culture and history of the state. The people of Assam taught us brotherhood, leading everyone to development,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Before there was violence and as peace came back the state went for fast development. And I feel sad that today Assam has been sent back to violence by the BJP government,” Gandhi said.

‘If BJP comes to power, there will be violence, I remember myself saying’

“I remember myself saying in every speech before BJP came to power that if BJP comes to power in Assam then the peace and brotherhood prevailing will be finished and there will be violence,” said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at a protest rally against Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Guwahati, Assam on Saturday.

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