The footage is actually from Sri Lanka

Guwahati: It is funny how fake news is so believable, especially when there is chaos and confusion in any situation. Along with a slew of fake news regarding Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), another news that has surfaced is a video highlighting ill-treatment of Muslims in detention centres in Assam.

The video, which is a little over 6 minutes, shows a few men crawling and then on their knees while security personnel manhandle them with sticks in a facility. Turns out, this video is not from Assam, not even from India.

In a fact-check carried out by, it was found that the video is from Sri Lanka. The footage, which is getting circulated like wildfire also bears a logo on the top right corner — — a defunct Sri Lankan news website, and a date stamp of November 22, 2018.

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According to the website, a text search of keywords led to an Asia Times article from January 17, 2019, carrying a screenshot of the viral video. According to the article, the CCTV footage showed inmates being made to crawl and then beaten with batons by prison officials in a Sri Lankan prison in Angunakolapelessa.

According to Asia Times, the video was shot in November 2018 when Sri Lanka faced a constitutional crisis and lacked an active government.

Such videos have the potential of creating riots. It is requested to trust news/images/videos from reliable sources only.

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