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Trance Effect

Rising to fame through live performances, Trance Effect uses its music to talk about issues regarding mental health

A band based in Dimapur, Trance Effect gained popularity since its inception in 2017 with its attempt to impersonate English bands of the 80s. Rising to fame through live performances, this group of talented musicians also uses its music to talk about issues such as mental health and emphasises on the healing power of music. With each song, the band tries to convey a message, its recent single, New Beginning, promoting hope and perseverance which was released earlier this year.

Street Stories

Street Stories’ most recent work is ‘Deaf Punk’ (2016), which is an attempt to experiment with rather mild tracks moving away from its previously indulged genres

Started by two brothers from Shillong in 2010, Street Stories is an electro-pop band known for its lively music focusing mostly on live performances. The Kronu brothers — Pezo on guitar and vocals, and Riko handling bass — are accompanied by a third member, Matsram Sangma, playing the drums. They released their first EP, Apple and Clown, in 2012 and later in 2013 they produced another EP titled Summer Calling. Their most recent work is Deaf Punk (2016) which is an attempt to experiment with rather mild tracks moving away from their previously indulged genres. Brought together through Church singing, the band is making headway in promoting its music throughout Meghalaya.

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Avora Records

The band’s singles such as ‘Sunday’ and ‘If You’re Not Sweating To This Then Honey You’re Not 90’s’ have been published under its banner

A jazz and pop music band from Mizoram, Avora Records was crowned winners at Sennheiser Top 50 2017 which helped spread its roots out of its native state. A guitar-driven band that pays attention to intricate details in their music, its singles such as Sunday and If you’re not sweating to this then honey you’re not 90’s have been published under its banner. They have been working on its debut EP currently.

Polar Lights

Polar Lights’ album ‘Talking To The Trees’ was a big hit in the 2016

With its debut in 2013, Nagaland band Polar Lights made waves across the state and beyond. Formed by Mar Jamir (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards) and Temjen Jamir (Guitar/Vocals), its debuted with a single, A Murder Machine.

The band’s major influences are Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie and Mumford & Sons. Some of their single tracks of the band are Bleed Out Loud, A Beautiful Escape, Fall Out, An Empty Hallway and A Candlelight. Its album Talking To The Trees was a big hit in 2016.

Lo Peninsula

One of its music videos for the single, ‘Another Divisive Joke’, was selected as ‘Editor’s Pick’ by Rolling Stones India

Lo Peninsula is a Manipuri trio of vocalist-guitarist Nitin Shamurailatpam, bassist AvinashThokchom and drummer JyotinElangbam. They got together in Imphal in 2017 and started producing music without any affiliation to a specific genre and released their first single Chasing Tidal Waves in the same year. Amidst conflicts and curfews, this band withstood the tides and were successful in producing their debut EP AKA Lo Peninsula. Its EP has been acclaimed by music blogs such as KEXP, Obscure Sound, Border Movement. One of its music videos for the single Another Divisive Joke was selected as Editor’s Pick by Rolling Stones India.


Featherheads mixes fold songs with modern day rock to create magical music of their own

Tribal progressive alternative rock / nu-metal band Featherheads is a Naga band from Manipur which has been able to hold on to its traditional roots. They mix their folk songs with modern-day rock to create a musical version of their own. Their songs are in Tangkhul Naga dialect with parts in English. They are seen in traditional attire wearing claw-like earrings and headgear. They tend to imbibe their culture through their music.


Nightmares dreams about eradicating all evils from society and making people aware about the good and the bad

Nightmares is a Gangtok-based progressive rock band formed in 2011. They are the winners of ShiRock 2019 rock competition. Nightmares takes its inspiration from western bands such as Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Symposium X, etc. The band rose to fame through participation in various live competition shows all over India. Nightmares dreams about eradicating all evils from society and making people aware of the good and the bad. It is the message that they want to put forward through their music.

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