Rebati Kumar Tripura said that he would continue working for the people of the state

Agartala: Weeks after banned insurgent group National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT) wrote a letter to Tripura East MP Rebati Kumar Tripura show causing him for voting in favour of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and threatening to call for his social boycott, the MP said the Act wouldn’t affect the indigenous people of the state.

Speaking with media persons on Monday, the MP said that he is concerned about the threats he has received from the insurgent group for voting in favour of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Lok Sabha.

“I am an MP of BJP from Tripura and when the Bill was placed in Parliament I voted in favour of it. The NLFT said through the letter that I have betrayed the people of the soil by voting in favour of the bill and they have threatened me,” Tripura said.

When asked why he voted in favour of the Bill amid widespread protest in the state and Northeast against the legislation, the MP said, “When a party issues a whip, everybody from the party has to vote in favour of the issue. If I had voted against the whip everybody knows what would have happened.”

We no longer can allow the influx to continue in the state and therefore it was important to vote for the Bill. The central government is aware of the problems of the indigenous people and therefore the Sixth Schedule areas and the Inner Line Permit areas have been exempted the areas from the Bill, Tripura said.

Further, he said, he is concerned about the letter from the banned insurgent group and would soon discuss the issue with chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb.

“I am concerned about the bill and because we are well aware of the history of the banned group. I have spoken with the senior BJP leaders and would meet the chief minister personally to discuss the matter,” Tripura added.

However, Tripura said that he would continue working and wouldn’t get scared of such threats from the insurgent groups.

Earlier, a letter from the insurgent group NLFT letter dated December 18 said that the Boroks (indigenous) think Parliament of India is imposing the burden of illegal immigrants on the state of Tripura. The Boroks have the right to oppose it as the state has been repeatedly and flagrantly violated, it said

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The letter from the banned militant outfit to the MP also claimed that chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb himself is an illegal immigrant.

“…When the ma [mother] tasked with ensuring the well being of all the citizens across the country in support of the CAB talks about the suffering and agony of the illegal immigrants in Parliament he should have paid equal attention to the suffering and havoc caused by these very immigrants to other citizens particularly in small state like Twipra [Tripura] where concentration of infiltrators is the highest and state’s Hon’ble Shri Biplab Dev is one of them. This is not justice. This is hypocrisy and bias,” the letter read.

The banned outfit also said that the indigenous people have every reason to believe that the MP’s conduct in Lok Sabha on December 9, 2019 was ‘quid pro quo’ to benefit yourself. As such, the people have the right to know as to why he should not be socially boycotted and declared unfit to hold and enjoy any office of honour in the state of Twipra, the letter added.

The NLFT was formed in 1989 with the agenda of a sovereign Tripura under Dhananjoy Reang as its self-styled chairman. While most of NLFT have either surrendered or have been neutralised, a few hundred insurgents are still active across the Indo-Bangla international border.

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