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Guwahati: One of the most interesting parts of Christmas celebration is the beautiful decoration of X-mas tree. There are several ways in which one can simply transform an evergreen or artificial tree into a beautiful one. While decorating an X-mas tree, one should stick to the trick of embellishing it in layers.

Some of the basic elements that one can use while decorating the tree are lights, garland, tinsel, and ornaments.

Here are some of the instructions that can be followed by everyone in order to decorate a Christmas tree in the best possible way.

Add lights

In order to add to the X-mas tree, one can always add fairy lights/rice lights contrasting and complimenting the tree. Also, a secret tip to keep in mind, decorating an X-mas tree with lights from inside will give it a dynamic look.

Some of the varieties of tree lights that are easily available in the market are: LED light, globe light (round in shape and come in a different size), bubble lights (tube stand light).

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Tree garland

The next step is to decorate the tree with a garland. Although there are no specific rules for decorating a Christmas tree garland, one should not use excessive garlands and must avoid branches bulging. In order to attain perfection, one can start from the top of the tree, and slowly increase the amount of garland between each wave while working on down branches.

There are a variety of garlands available that can be used for decoration

· Plain garland

· Fancy garland

· Thin garland

· Beaded garlands

· Crepe paper garland


Now the X-mas tree is almost taking over a new look and to look more attractive one can use ribbons as it can be used in a variety of ways. One can even make flowers with ribbons but always should look for making big bows or simply tie it like a shoelace. A variety of colour combination of ribbons accompanying with the X-mas tree decoration can be used.

Fixing a star at the top

Star is an important component of X-mas decoration as by religious belief it symbolises the star of Bethlehem that was followed by the wise men to find Jesus. People usually put the star at the top of the X-mas tree and it adds more beauty to the decorations.

X-mas tree ornaments

Hanging ornaments to the X-mas tree is the last stage of the decoration and one just needs to keep in mind about maintaining space in doing it. One can use colourful stars, ball, chocolate of sizes and texture as ornaments to the tree. The smaller sizes can be put on top and the larger ones at the bottom of the X-mas tree.

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