Isaac Paulallungmuan Vaiphei, 12, is all set to sit for Class X board exams in Manipur next year

Churachandpur: Isaac Paulallungmuan Vaiphei is all set to make history in his native state Manipur. At just 12 years, the Churachandpur boy is going to take the upcoming Class X board exams next year, thereby making him one of the youngest in the state to achieve the remarkable feat.

The young lad from Kangvai village, who turned 12 on November 10, was recently allowed by the Board of Secondary Education of Manipur (BOSEM) to sit for the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination in 2020. The approval was given following a psychology test conducted by the department of clinical psychology in the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Imphal.

The test results showed Isaac’s mental age as 17 years and five months with an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of 141, which is of very superior intellectual and development functioning.

By two years and three months exactly, Isaac had already learnt all the numbers and alphabets, his mother says

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Isaac is already aiming big as he disclosed that he admires Sir Isaac Newton’s work and wishes to become like him someday. “I want to become a researcher and find out new things which are yet to be invented,” Isaac said.

Talking about his feat, Isaac said: “I feel great and excited about the achievement. The credit goes not just to my hard work but also to our Lord Jesus Christ who gave me my knowledge.”

At present, Isaac is focusing on the upcoming board exams and is confident to score at least 80% marks. “I can’t study for more than an hour at a stretch but I normally study at least six to seven hours in a day,” he said.

In his recent examination at Mount Olive School in Kangvai run by his father, Genkholien Vaiphei, Isaac secured the first position with 78% marks.

According to Isaac’s mother, he showed his interest in reading books of higher classes and books on other subjects from a very early age. “At 2 years, he was willing to go to school but we thought he was too young. One day, since I was too busy with school work, I kept him at the waiting room with his toys. But later, when I searched for him I found him sitting inside a classroom with other students.”

By two years and three months exactly, he had already learnt all the numbers and alphabets, Isaac’s mother added. “I spend most of time reading. I don’t have any specific book but I read almost everything,” added Isaac.

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